For many of us, the thoughts of spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on makeup and skincare product sounds more like a dream. However, that’s not the case for President Donald Trump and his top-dollar budget just on makeup for his inauguration committee. Even before President Trump took to the White House, the inauguration itself was memorable for everyone, whether they voted for him or not.

Sparing no expense, Donald’s 2017 election marked the beginning of nationwide chaos. The event provided viewers with plenty of memes from Melania Trump’s mysterious gift to Michelle Obama to the sparse crowds at the capital. In fact, it also turns out that Donald Trump’s inauguration cost a pretty penny for makeup alone.

Where The Money Went

The Presidential inauguration committee spent roughly $10,000 on makeup for twenty party aides– an average of $500 per person. The committee also spent $30,000 in daily allowances for contractors managing the event. As a matter of fact, the Trump International Hotel received $1.5 million for the entire festivities.

According to a recent report by The New York Times, private donations raised over $107 million for President Trump’s inauguration, and the committee reportedly spent about $102 million on the festivities, with the rest going to charity. Not to mention, the article notes that Donald Trump spent at least twice as much as previous presidents before him, including Barack Obama and George W. Bush during their election.

In Terms of Beauty

So, what else can you purchase for $10,000 worth of makeup? That’s nearly 250 bottles of self-tanner at Sephora, 37 bottles of La Mer eye cream, or even 25 solid tattoo removal procedures. But what does that have to do with Trump’s mind-boggling expense? It’s not disclosed whether or not First Lady Melania Trump was part of the budget, but we assume she has her own glam team to set her up for special events.

In addition to the makeup allowance, reports also reveal that President Trump spent an extra $30,000 to selected employees for taxis, hotel rooms, and even laundry service – all from the $107 million inauguration budget, according to the Times.

A Better Use for Donations

The POTUS has no issue lavishly spending donations in the name of vanity. Rather than distributing the millions he raised from private donors to vital campaign expenses, with the extended government shutdown still in action, federal workers still have to go to their full-time jobs without pay. In addition, they cannot file for unemployment or get a side job to help recover from the shutdown.

So, where should the big vanity budget have gone? The following organizations are doing all they can to help employees survive during one of America’s worse times.

  • United Way – Partnered with Gleaners Foodbank, donates bags of groceries to federal workers and their families. Additionally, United Way has established a fund to help government employees pay their bills.
  • Greater DC Diaper Bank – Within the next week, the Greater DC Diaper Bank plans to distribute over 200,000 diapers and women’s hygiene products to those affected by the shutdown. According to the nonprofit organization, every dollar provides at least eight diapers.

With very little left unsaid, did President Trump really spend a hefty price on makeup, among other expenses? It should come as little surprise that he would hold back on vanity purposes, after all, this is the same president who reportedly spends an hour on tanning each day.