The average female spends 55 minutes per day making themselves look fabulous, according to research. This means women dedicate a whole two weeks of every year to how they look. With this shocking statistic in the forefront of your mind, you’re sure to want to find ways to claw back some of your precious time. But there’s no need to worry about forgoing your daily cleansing routine or having to step out of the house without your mascara on, as these beauty treatments promise to cut the amount of time that you spend on your daily beauty routine while ensuring your look glam at all times.

Microblade your brows

On a typical day, women will spend between 10 and 15 minutes applying makeup to their face. And while this might not sound like much time, it’s equal to almost four days a year. One of the most time-consuming parts of any female’s makeup routine is perfecting her brows. But by opting to have a microblading treatment, you’ll never have to worry about making them match again. Microblading is favored by plenty of celebs, including Dame Helen Mirren, Bella Thorne, and Lena Dunham. Semi-permanent tattoo ink is applied in small hair strokes to mimic the appearance of natural hair. Once your treatment is complete, you’ll benefit from up to 18 months of beautiful brows before a top-up treatment is required.

Semi-permanent nail color

14% of females aged between 18 and 29 years of age paint their nails every day, according to Statista. And a further 12% confess to changing their nail color multiple times per week. The preparation, painting, drying, and removal process all takes a significant amount of time. However, you can cut this time down by opting to have your nails painted with a semi-permanent nail treatment.

Acrylic, gel, and polygel can all be used to achieve a semi-permanent nail color which doesn’t chip or flake off. Acrylic nails can last up to four weeks, but the removal process can be time-consuming. Gel nails typically last a fortnight, and polygel nails will give you beautiful nails for three weeks. A final option comes in the form of nail dipping. A nail dipping treatment involves your nails being colored by dipping them in a pot of dip powder. This treatment usually lasts between three and four weeks before they need re-doing, so you’ll save yourself plenty of time by choosing to go for this color option.

Laser hair removal

Women spend almost 11 minutes shaving per session, according to the American Laser Centers. And 11% confess to getting rid of their body hair every day. So, it’s easy to see why females turn to laser hair removal to keep their bodies fuzz-free. Laser hair removal involves light being used to damage hair follicles and hair bulbs and to ultimately prohibit hair growth. After just two weeks you can expect to see a reduction in your hair growth. To start with, treatments will be required every four to six weeks, according to Dr. Robyn Gmyrek. But after just six treatments, you can expect to see an 80% reduction in your hair growth.

Over the course of their lifetime, women are spending the equivalent of months beautifying themselves. If you’re like most women then you probably enjoy perfecting your look. But that doesn’t mean that indulging in a few beauty treatments so that you get a little extra time back to yourself on a daily basis isn’t something that will make your daily routine a little easier.