In 2018, the global beauty industry produced more than 142 billion units of plastic packaging. Every time you purchase a new mascara, buy a bottle of shampoo, or grab a packet of disposable razors at the store, you’re unwittingly adding to the global plastic problem. The UN has warned that in just thirty years’ time, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s waters. And with the use of plastic packaging in the beauty industry having increased by more than 10 billion units in just seven years, it’s time for each and every beauty enthusiast to find ways to cut back on their plastic use.

Make your own beauty products

One of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of plastic in your beauty routine is to reuse your existing tubs and bottles. By making your own creams, moisturizers, body scrubs, and lotions, you’ll prevent the need for new plastic packaging to be used to store, seal, and securely ship your parcel directly to you or your favorite drug store. Essential oils and plant oils typically form the basis of homemade beauty products, and items such as beeswax and arrowroot powder can be added to them to create your desired item.

Buy naked beauty products

If making your own bath bombs and soaps don’t sound very appealing, then the good news is that you can stock up on plastic-free beauty goodies at a range of stores. Lush is one of the leading brands which sells tantalizing beauty products in their naked format. Their naked range of products includes shampoo, soap, deodorant, body scrubs, exfoliators, foot powder, cleanser, and makeup. With so much choice at your fingertips, there’s no excuse not to opt for plastic-free beauty items.

Use bamboo beauty tools

The beauty products that you use on a daily basis, including your hairbrush, toothbrush and makeup brushes, all have plastic handles. When the time comes to dispose of these items, they can sit in a landfill or the ocean for as long as 400 years before they biodegrade. It’s therefore, much better for the environment to switch to bamboo-based products. Bamboo is a sustainable and completely biodegradable resource, eliminating the need for plastic handles to have any role in your beauty regimen.

Say goodbye to wipes & pads

Not only are face wipes, cotton pads, and cotton buds non-biodegradable, but they come wrapped in plastic. You might think that your beauty routine relies on these items, especially when it comes to removing your makeup and cleansing, toning, and moisturizing at the end of the day. However, there are multiple ways to do this without increasing your plastic use. A washable flannel can be used to remove your makeup and to cleanse your skin. Alternatively, washable cleansing pads made from bamboo are an effective plastic-free option.

Opt for refillable makeup brands

Choosing makeup brands which come in refillable packaging is a great way to cut your plastic use. Not only that, but you’ll typically find that the containers are much more attractive too. Elate Beauty, which is a vegan-friendly cosmetics brand, utilizes bamboo in all their packaging, including their refills. Whereas, Jjaer Weis offers refill packaging made from stainless steel, which is another 100% recyclable resource.

It’s clear to see that plastic is a big problem in the beauty industry. However, you can do your bit for the environment and help to reduce the amount of plastic the beauty world uses by embracing plastic-free options which are sustainable, recyclable and don’t harm the world that we live in.