The average cost of Botox injections in Canada is $550. Therefore, the $10 botox treatments which Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada is offering is sure to be an enticing prospect to the millions of individuals who turn to botox in a bid to combat aging and achieve great looking skin. However, experts warn that these cut-price procedures carry risks. Furthermore, not everything with this $10 offer is as it seems.

Too good to be true?

Shoppers Drug Mart recently announced that it intends to open two pilot stores under than name “Beauty Clinic by Shoppers Drug Mart.” The stores will offer cosmetic treatments, including $150 medical grade peels, lip fillers at $550 per syringe, $100 microdermabrasion treatments, laser skin renewal at $675 per treatment and $10 per unit botox injections. And it’s this per unit statement which is exceptionally important.

According to USA Today, you’ll typically need 20 to 30 units of Botox on the forehead. Therefore, the overall cost of treatment will be significantly higher than $10.

Why the transition?

In a press release, Senior Vice President of Shoppers Drug Mart, Rachel Huckle stated that “With our expertise in both the health and beauty business, offering cosmetic treatments feels like a natural step for us. At the Beauty Clinic, customers can go beyond the beauty counter to a truly holistic luxury beauty experience.” She also added that their customers expect them to offer the latest beauty services.

As a result, professional nurse practitioners will be tasked with the job of completing one to one consultations and administering the botox injections in the two new stores in Oakville and Toronto.

Cause for concern

One of the biggest concerns of Shoppers Drug Mart giving out botox treatments to individuals is the fact that they’re being administered solely by nurse practitioners. Dermatologist and owner of the Rosedale Dermatology Centre, Dr. Paul Cohen, believes that even the most talented of nurses should be supervised by a physician when giving Botox injections. “I have nurses that work for me, but they’re supervised, they’re extremely experienced. If there’s a complication we’re there to help treat anything that might need to be fixed,” he says.

But the senior director of external communications for Shoppers Drug Mart, Catherine Thomas, is happy that the procedures will be regulated, that the nurse practitioners they’ll be using will have sufficient training in the procedures they’ll be given, and that they’ll be in constant contact with doctors to ensure they stay on top of operating procedures and staff training.


What could go wrong

There are a number of short-term and long-term effects associated with Botox injections. But it’s the immediate ones that could occur during the procedure which pose the biggest risk to individuals when there’s no doctor on site to assist. Pain at the injection site, inflammation, redness, and bleeding are common side effects.

Meanwhile, allergic reactions can arise, which can result in itching, breathing difficulties and dizziness. Dr. Cohen also warns that it’s possible for necrosis of the tissue to happen, in which case a physician will be immediately required.

$10 Botox treatments available at a location as convenient as Shoppers Drug Mart are likely to lure plenty of customers in. However, before you go parting with your cash, it’s important that you weigh up the pros and cons of having such a procedure in these stores, along with the potential risk that Botox can have on your skin and your health.