Let’s face it – the hustle and bustle of everyday life take a toll on your skin, making it look tired and dull. Between work, travel, commute, and living your best life, the daily excitement and long list of to-do’s shows on your skin, too. So, what makes your skin look tired? Take pollution, sun exposure, natural aging, and your daily lifestyle into consideration. In fact, phosphates used in soda are shown to speed up the aging process on your skin, according to research by the Fed. of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

Without a proper skincare routine, you can prevent the negative effects without avoiding the everyday activities. Now’s the time to grab the ice cubes, skip the sugar, and check out these 5 hacks to boost your skincare routine within minutes.

Reduce Blemishes with Ice

Ever woken up with a zit right in the middle of your forehead? We’ve all had our share of acne-causing terror moments. Thankfully, letting it “chill” can help reduce the redness and stop the swelling instantly. Wrap an ice cube in a thin washcloth rather than directly onto the skin.

To help tighten and close the pores, melt an ice cube in your hands and apply the cold liquid over your face after cleansing as usual. You can start the process by holding the ice cubes with your hands, as the cooling sensation will reduce any redness and inflammation that you might have.

Sheet Mask Your Way to Instant Moisture

Feeling a bit of dryness on your face? Now is the time to stock up on sheet masks. In fact, celebrities everywhere from Lady Gaga to Bella Hadid swear by it. Use a sheet mask to boost moisture and give your skin a dose of powerful vitamins. Not only do they supercharge your skin with moisture, but it also works as a facial serum for a self-perfect foundation application.


Take Rosewater Everywhere You Go

Carry rosewater spray in your bag and spritz it throughout the day to keep the skin hydrated. Rosewater is a powerful ingredient that helps reduce inflammation and boost cellular function. When your skin feels dry and depleted, collagen will begin to break down. To prevent this, lightly spritz your face with rosewater and let it soak in. Be sure not to touch your face or you may transfer bacteria from your hands and result in acne.

Dry Brush and Exfoliate

Our skin has an immune system of its own. This means it will work against harmful germs, shed dead skin cells, and regenerate new cells every day. However, it does need a bit of help to keep skin fresh and free from build up. To prevent this, use a body brush to lightly exfoliate the skin and cleanse your face with a gentle exfoliant. Not only does this increase blood circulation throughout the body, but it also encourages lymphatic drainage.

Use an upward motion towards the heart to allow the waste to exit properly. Always remember to wash your hands and brush before you start with the face.


Skip the Cravings

Too much sugar will break down collagen and elastin, leading to premature aging and wrinkles. Meanwhile, eating salty foods at night can lead to unwanted puffiness the next morning. As a result, puffy eyes can lead to a dull, tired look. So, how do you fix this?

While certain remedies such as cucumber slices and anti-hemorrhoid creams may relieve puffiness, the first step is to reduce sodium intake and hydrate the skin from within. If you’re in need of a sugary treat, try something healthier and filling like a chia-filled snack or fresh fruit.

Lastly, maintaining a healthy diet with a full night’s sleep will work wonders on your skin. When you’re snoozing, the skin’s repair mechanisms swing into action by preventing stress on the body that leads to cortisol and adrenaline release. With a few simple hacks, you can achieve fresh, youthful-looking skin by noon.