Spending a day at any of the best beaches in Florida might seem like the ultimate recreation activity, but it is not without its dangers. The hot and humid climate provides the perfect breeding conditions for fungus and bacteria that cause various skin diseases. The warm salty Florida waters are notorious for hosting Vibrio Vulnificus bacterium which killed 11 Floridians in 2017 and afflicted 49.

It’s startling to discover that over 700,000 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer annually. And of this figure, 80% of melanoma cases in the US are from Florida. Other types of skin infections common in Florida include Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, acute sunburns and Impetigo. That’s why regular visits to a dermatologist are important to maintain young vivacious skin, treat common rashes and for early detection of any serious skin disease. Water’s Edge Dermatology are experts in all things skin, whether skin disorders, skin cancer or simply aesthetics.

Skin Diseases

Wrinkles, age spots, bruising, uneven pigmentation and senile outputs are some of the skin changes that result from aging. Skin diseases are either situational or genetic. Others are minor while some could be life-threatening.

Some minor skin disorders include: acne, skin cancer, warts, scabies, pimples, abscess and dermatitis to mention a few. They drain your body of life and energy and of course, will likely lower your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Therefore, taking proper care of your skin is of major importance. Staying hydrated, using sunscreen, exfoliating and eating healthy are perfect strategies for healthy supple smooth skin and wading of skin diseases. Food nutrients rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and omega oils are also effective for skin care and help keep your skin tight and firm.

Natural Skin Care Techniques

Natural remedies to do away with skin disorders are perfect as there are no side effects involved in the process. Most plants are essential for the process, you just have to know how to go about identifying them pertinent to your disorder.

There are countless home remedies to protect your skin from disorders like pimples and acne. Applying apple cider vinegar kills off the acne bacteria. Using aloe vera which acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and decreases redness and swelling. For the pimple prone you can go for raw pawpaw. It contains papain which is an enzyme that reduces inflammation and prevents pus from forming. You can also opt for avocados, garlic, milk and honey. They all have antibacterial properties useful in fighting skin infections. Scabies is no different from the other skin disorders for it has a home remedy too. You can employ neem which has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties which kill scabies. Apply also aloe vera which is essential in alleviating the pain and killing scabies without side effects.

Foods For The Skin

Eating fresh fruits and green foods like kale ,spinach and avocados will help keep your skin ageless and beautiful . Kale and spinach contain antioxidants that help ageing eyes from developing cataracts and macular degeneration. They help in reducing chances of skin cancer. They have natural agents that protect one’s health and are very nutritional. Green vegetable juices come in handy in nutrient absorption.

The cruciferous vegetables(kales, broccoli , cauliflower) are low in calories and they boost the body’s detoxification enzymes to combat and repair damaged skin. Dark leafy greens help in conditioning the skin and obtaining a supple complexion. Green tea has in it a substance called catechin which is believed to inhibit cancer. Blueberries contain the highest antioxidant levels and are essential in skin healing. Avocados are also helpful in skin beautifying. Omega oils also grow and nourish healthy and glowing skin.

Chocolate And Wine For Skin Care

And the good news is that chocolate contains catechin, just like you’ll find in green tea. They improve hydration, skin density and circulation of blood to skin tissues for a supple complexion. Red wine protects the skin from aging and it has anticancer properties.

Make a habit of eating healthy, working out and using the right products on your skin. Invest in sunscreen and a hat whenever going to the beach. Visit a dermatologists as soon as you notice something wrong with your skin. Early treatment of any skin disease is just as important as it is in treating tumors or cancer.

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