Since the golden era of Hollywood almost one hundred years ago, women of all ages have had an obsession with celebrity beauty secrets. Celebrities have to look their best at all times, and maintaining flawless skin is no exception.

With the amount of money that celebrities earn each year, one can assume that many of their skin care tips are beyond our reach. It may come as a surprise, however, to learn that many famous ladies actually rely on inexpensive products and simple homemade skin care solutions just like us.

We have compiled a list of some of our favorite celebrity skin care secrets which are easy to practice ourselves. By following these easy tips, your skin will be glowing like that of your favorite celebrity.

1. Joan Crawford

Let’s start by going back a few decades. Back in the 1930’s, fans wrote letters to Hollywood superstar Joan Crawford asking how she maintained her flawless complexion. Joan generously gave her secret away: ice water. She washed her face with it every night, and now science actually backs up the super simple beauty treatment.

By splashing ice water on your face, your pores are tightened, minimizing their visibility. This gives the appearance of a smoother complexion. Ice water also firms up the skin which is great for a quick anti-aging effect.

Age Skin Starts to Wrinkle

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2. Madonna

Now 58, Madonna has been stunning the public with her amazing talent as well as her ageless and flawless skin. As Madonna is famously wealthy, one would think that she only uses the most expensive beauty products available.

Surprisingly, however, Madonna’s skin care regimen is very simple and affordable. She uses only organic skin care products derived from fruits and vegetables, but the real secret behind her flawless skin is her healthy lifestyle. She sleeps for at least 8 hours every night, never sleeps with makeup on, and exercises regularly which keeps her skin looking dewy and fresh.

3. Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz has been long considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, and her gorgeous complexion is partially responsible. Penelope is currently 42 years old but does not look a day over 30 thanks to her attention to her skin.

Penelope keeps her skin looking so young and flawless by eating her vegetables. One of her favorite foods is gazpacho, which is full of vegetables and herbs that nourish the skin.

4. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is another woman whose skin defies the effects of aging. Somehow, she has managed to look even younger now than she did when her career began in the 90’s. Beauty experts have praised her glowing skin and youthful looks.

Jennifer credits her gorgeous complexion to her lifestyle habits. She abstains completely from cigarettes and alcohol, two substances known to dramatically dry out your skin and speed up the aging process. She also gets her beauty sleep by sleeping 8 hours each night.

5. Jennifer Aniston

The second Jennifer on our list, “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston, looks as youthful as she did the day the famous sitcom went off the air over ten years ago. Millions of women want to know what Jennifer, now 47, does to look so young.

Her secret is simple and remarkably affordable: she smears Vaseline around her eyes before going to bed each night. She has sworn by this beauty technique for years, claiming that it keeps crows feet away.

6. Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr has a face that millions of women wish they had. Her gorgeous skin has been featured on the cover of numerous fashion magazines and men and women alike are captivated by her stunning features as well as her youthful, dewy glow.

Miranda’s secret? Using lip balm as a highlighter. This incredibly affordable tip works very well at lifting one’s bone structure, and allows it to shine in the light. Make sure to not use a lip balm that is too thick as this can clog pores.

It’s quite a relief to learn that there are celebrity beauty secrets which are affordable and easy for us to try out ourselves. The women listed above are all known for their outstanding skin, and by emulating their skin care secrets your skin will be glowing like your favorite celebrity in no time!