Roses are a very common tattoo design for both men, but 2019 is set to see them become even more popular as a wave of celebrities opt for simple, delicate rose designs in black ink. So far 2019 has seen Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga and G-Eazy all get similar rose tattoos, as well as Dua Lipa in 2018, many having deeper meanings than the tattoo would first suggest.

Lady Gaga’s Valentine’s rose tattoo

Lady Gaga is one of the more recent to join the list of celebrities getting rose tattoos after she revealed a photo on Instagram of her latest ink on Valentine’s Day. The star has got the outline of a rose from her neck down her spine with the words ‘la vie en rose’ around it. These words are significant to Lady Gaga as they’re the title of the song she sang when Bradley Cooper first saw her perform live and decided to cast her as the lead in A Star Is Born. She sings the same song in the movie before her character meets Cooper’s character. La vie en rose translates from French to mean looking at life through rose-colored glasses.

Demi’s sobriety rose

Demi Lovato is no stranger to tattoos so it’s no surprised that she marked her 6 months of sobriety with a tattoo in January. Winter Stone tattoo studio in Los Angeles done the delicate design for her, as well as being responsible for Lady Gaga’s rose. Lovato posed with artist Daniel Winter to show off her rose tattoo, which is on the inside of her index finger.

She posted a close-up on Instagram saying she was “obsessed” with the tattoo. It’s unclear why she picked a rose to mark her sobriety, but fans are delighted to see she’s doing so well following her overdose in July 2018.

JonBoy tattoos a rose on G-Eazy

Early January saw celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy tattoo rapper G-Eazy with a small rose on his neck, just behind his ear. The tattoo is similar to Lady Gaga’s and Demi Lovato’s ink, except G-Eazy’s has thorns all the way up the stem. Whether there’s any meaning behind this tattoo is unclear, but G-Eazy does have a song called Dear Ms. Rose, so it could be dedicated to the same person as the song.

Dua Lipa’s ‘95’ rose

English singer Dua Lipa got her rose tattoo back in 2018 after a concert in Paris. The artist behind her design was Madame Buraka, who has a distinctive style that is seen in the rose, including graffiti and tribal elements.

Again, it’s a minimalist design that is a rose head and stem outline in black ink only, but hers has a more thorny appearance, which is actually the number ‘95’ worked into the design, representing the year of her birth.

All these celebrity tattoo designs are very simple outlines of a rose, including the stems, which are often left out of traditional rose tattoos, favoring the petals for their aesthetics. They’re all done in black ink only, adding to their simplicity. It’s likely this tattoo trend will continue throughout 2019 as many other celebrities get similar ink, some with their own individual and unique meaning, while others choose it for its simple and traditional design.