Frizz, breakage, tangles, and dry ends – these are just a few of the most common issues that you will encounter with your hair. With over 21 million men and women experiencing hair loss, many are unaware of just how damaging a tight braid or ponytail can be for the scalp. However, there are ways you can keep these problems at bay. Our scalp is an extension of our skin and in the same way we need to invest in skincare, we also need to make sure that not only are the shampoos and conditioners we use of good quality, but the things we use to style our hair too.

The key to achieving healthy hair starts with a nutritious diet. However, if you’re looking to prevent damage and maintain healthy strands, choosing the best accessories with satin or silk material is the best way to look stylish while keeping your ends safe from harsh elements. Here’s how to choose the best accessories to protect your hair in style.


Protect your pony at all costs. Silk hair ties are versatile and extreme useful styling aids. You can tie your hair up when going to the gym, transform into an effortless bun, or even tame your child’s unruly hair. You can find the best hair ties with fabric coverings, like silk. Using uncovered elastic bands can break your hair shaft, pull hair out, and ultimately cause split ends.


Remember those nostalgic spiral scrunchies that were once of the biggest hair trends in the ‘80s and ‘90s? Recently, scrunchies have caught the eyes of wide appreciation as global brands including Urban Outfitters and Balenciaga are bringing the trend back into fashion. For those who must wear ponytails and braids, spiral scrunchies can be worn all day long as they are gentle on the hair as well as help prevent tangles and breakage. They can also prevent those unwanted “dents,” which are perfect for curly, thick, and natural, hair types.


Want to protect your hair from the summer heat or prevent damage while you sleep? A turban or head wrap is a great option for days when you do not want to fuss with day-old hair or cover flat strands. It will evenly distribute your natural oils, preserve your hair, and avoid the kinks from harsh tools. What’s more, you can promote healthy hair growth just by wearing a head wrap at night. Dry hair can cause hair to weaken, making it more susceptible to breakage as most pillowcase fabrics can pull the natural oils and moisture your hair needs.

Taking care of your hair while looking trendy isn’t always easy, but using accessories will make things just a bit easier. With a few changes to your daily hair care routine, you can reduce the damage and promote healthy hair.

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