We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to health and beauty that make us cringe. A recent study of 2,000 women found that the worst beauty mistake is using too much eyebrow pencil. But there are other mistakes to avoid so that you look fresher, younger, and your skin remains glorious.

You might not realize it but your daily habits could be harming your skin. For instance, if you’re  regularly skipping applying an SPF or not drinking enough water, you’re making your skin look older and risking health problems too, such as dehydration or more serious illnesses. Here are some important health and beauty mistakes to avoid.

You Leave The House Without SPF

You think it’s fine to get sun without wearing SPF because you tan easily, and never burn but you’re not much more protected from the harsh rays than your paler friends. Always apply sunscreen before leaving the house. To prevent it from making your skin greasy or giving you a grayish tint, choose a sunscreen that has a once a day application, such as Ultrasun or P20, they have super hydrating formulations that are easy to apply and leave no white residue. They can be used as moisturisers in the summer and act as a primer for make up – so you can cut down on the need for product overload.

You Don’t Hydrate Your Skin

If your skin is dry, it can start to look ashy. That’s why keeping your skin moisturized twice a day is so important. But, your diet should also work to hydrate your skin. Drink lots of water to keep your skin radiant, and top up on fruits with a high-water content to flood your skin with antioxidants and water. Examples include berries, cucumbers, and watermelons. The bonus? Adding more fruits to your diet boosts your fiber intake, which helps to keep you regular and eliminates toxins from your body that can leave you with less-than-radiant skin.

You Can’t Remember When Last You Washed Your Makeup Brushes

You love applying lots of sparkly highlighter ad beautiful eyeshadows, but when did you wash your makeup brushes? If you can’t remember, go do it right now! Dirty brushes are packed with a variety of bacteria that can lead to skin infections and irritation. This is especially risky if your skin is already oily.

Brushes that are too old become scratchy which can also be irritating to skin or prevent you from applying makeup correctly. Use gentle soap to wash your brushes regularly, and if they’re too stiff or brittle, it’s time to toss them. Your skin will thank you.

You Exfoliate Too Much

If you’re exfoliating your skin more than once or twice a week, you’re harming it instead of helping it. Darker skins in particular are more sensitive to chemical exfoliation, so be careful. If you notice your skin looking a little irritated or you’re suffering from breakouts after exfoliating, it’s a sign to give it a break for a while. If you’re exfoliating at home, you should always be gentle and use circular motions when using scrubs so that you remove dead skin cells and boost your complexion’s appearance, without causing irritation


You can probably do with better beauty behaviours, especially if, like the above ones, they’re bad for you. Clean up your act and stay true to your health and beauty. You’ll not only look good but feel amazing, which is actually the best kind of beauty there is.