Over the course of his career, David Beckham has become a much-loved style icon, but no-one could anticipate his latest style move. Featured on the front cover of the latest edition of Love magazine, the 43-year-old retired footballer is seen confidently wearing teal eyeshadow while showing off his infamous neck tattoos. And both his fans and beauty enthusiasts are loving his brave new look.

An iconic photoshoot

Beckham teamed up with Love magazine for their first ever “moving” image issue. The pairing couldn’t have gone better as, following the style magazine’s front page reveal on social media, more than 32,000 likes were quickly gained as Beckham showed off his bold eye color.

Beckham’s neck tattoos also appear to have been digitally enhanced in the snaps in order to match the teal shade on his eyelids. Meanwhile, further images from the magazine show Beckham smearing the eyeshadow down his face while discussing his football career.

Making a statement

Fans were quick to praise David once the images were unveiled. One user praised him, stating that “Real men wear eyeshadow – and look hot. The end.” Whereas, another compared his look to the men who wore artistic makeup in the Egyptian times, adding that they’re “glad he’s bringing it back.”

Followers of Beckham will know that he’s not one to shy away from unique and innovative choices when it comes to his appearance. The star has a number of tattoos covering his entire body, including one of himself posing as Jesus. He’s also tried out various hairstyles during the years, including using hair accessories to tame his locks, and opting for a mohawk.

Standing out from the crowd

The decision to wear eyeshadow may have been a new one for David Beckham, but it’s not uncommon for male celebrities to don eyeliner, foundation, and nail polish to enhance their look. American Idol runner up Adam Lambert, actor and singer, Jarred Leto, and Greenday’s Billy-Joe Armstong, are regularly spotted rocking makeup as part of their everyday look. But, sportsmen tend to opt for more natural makeup, according to makeup artist Gary Cockerill, who’s applied makeup to Jenson Button, Steven Gerrard, and Jonny Wilkinson.

David Beckham’s choice to wear bright teal eyeshadow on the front of Love magazine shows that he’s still no stranger to making a statement when it comes to his appearance. He has received significant praise for his decision. However, it remains to be seen whether this was just a one-off, or whether the former England captain will continue to sport this look.