20% of American consumers stay loyal to their favorite beauty brands, according to Statista. However, Deciem’s faithful customers were recently left worried about how they’d keep their skin looking fabulous when the company’s CEO, Brandon Truaxe, abruptly shut down Deciem’s physical stores and official website. Thankfully, Estée Lauder, which holds a one-third stake in the brand, took swift legal action which eventually led to Truaxe’s removal from the company and the re-opening of all stores. However, this recent scandal shows that being brand loyal doesn’t always pay off.

An adored brand

Deciem rapidly grew into a much-loved brand following its formation in Toronto in 2013. In the space of just three years, the company launched 10 brands. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has even stated that she’s a big fan of the company’s serums, which cost less than $10 per tube. And, it’s these low prices which help Deciem to retain its customers. Research from Corra reveals that American women are more brand loyal to affordable brands than to high-end ones, such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel. Therefore, fans of Deciem were concerned how the closures would impact their upcoming winter beauty and skin care routine when Truaxe revealed that the brand was going on an indefinite hiatus.

Panic buying

Following Truaxe’s closure announcement, beauty lovers flocked to social media to reveal that they were buying Deciem products in bulk while they still could. While some feared the worst, others claimed that the whole thing was a publicity stunt in order to boost the company’s sales figures, which have already hit $300 million. However, despite months of negative press which included Truaxe starting fights online with other brands, posting bizarre messages and videos on Instagram and sacking his entire U.S team, the company’s solid customer base has continued to support them. But, it was Truaxe’s final claim whereby he states that almost everyone involved in Deciem is involved in major criminal activity that could really damage the brand’s reputation.

Legal action

As a result of Truaxe’s actions, an Ontario judge agreed with Estée Lauder’s proposal to strip him of his role within Deceim. Meanwhile, Truaxe has also banned from using the company’s social media pages and was granted a restraining order following a disturbing email he sent to Estée Lauder. Truaxe’s claims of criminal activity within the company will now be investigated by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Therefore, while fans can breathe a sigh of relief in the interim, the company isn’t out of muddy waters just yet. So, before pledging all your alliances to one beauty brand, it’s worth considering others so that you can ensure you’ve always got access to good quality skincare no matter what.

Deciem is a treasured skincare brand across the world. However, loyal users of the brand have recently been rocked following a series of scandals which led to the temporary closure of the company’s stores. Thankfully, everything is back up and running now. But, it’s wise to broaden your horizons when you want to look and feel your best.