You’re a millionaire with a lot of bucks to spend. Now here’s the situation: you can sustain yourself through different means. Say, for example, that you’re an artist. You grab all the opportunities to gain money, such as starring in every film, be it for children, adults, or 18+. Unfortunately, the world has been cruel to you and didn’t give you a beautiful face.

Many artists have been bullied because of their unpleasant looks. One example in the Philippines is the former Hasht5 member Marlou Arizala. Because of his insecurities, he started consulting his physician and later on transformed into the now-known Xander Ford. Despite the changes many people still gave him hate comments across different media platforms.

To The Main Point: Karina Kapoor’s Plastic Surgery is FAKE?

There have been rumors regarding this Bollywood actress regarding undergoing plastic surgery. According to many, her beauty intensifies as years pass by; however, the artist disproves the claim. Following the correct skincare routine and ignoring all beauty myths will result in the desired outcome, as Kapoor’s beauty.

She said that actors only influence the masses; that is why she only endorse the skin products she is using. “My journey towards maintaining my skin has been a task. All I do is, follow basic tips to take care of my skin.” She also added that her schedule is very hectic, but her skin is her priority.

A rumor has surfaced that says she underwent a plastic surgery right in her cheeks. So the real question lies: DID SHE TAKE PLASTIC SURGERY? The answer is NO. Just because her beauty drastically changed, doesn’t mean she did plastic surgery. She just gracefully surpassed her pregnancy period and did a one-step-above-all skin-care trick.

Discarding the Rumors by Checking These Tips If Someone Went Under Scalpel

It’s almost impossible to scan and detect if someone went under the knives. Thankfully, we have Dr. Youn that will provide all the necessary tips to catch if someone undergoes drastic facial changes finally. Depending on what part of their body they got a ‘job’, we’ll give six.

  • The Windswept Look
  • According to Youn, the best references to see about a windswept look is Joan Rivers. Going back to the early stages of plastic surgery, synthetic fillers are still not existing, and the same goes for other developments. Surgeons just pulled and stitched it. In our current century, the use of cartridges or fat grafting became rampant. Using these two tools will yield a more natural look.

  • Unusual Long Ear
  • If you see your friend being transformed to look enough like Neytiri in the 2009 film Avatar, then worry not! She just went through plastic surgery in the ear. According to Dr. Youn, when a surgeon pulls the skin tight, the earlobes may start to drop over time, which gives your friend a Neytiri-like look. If she wants to fix that, how about you suggest her to stop once more to her physician?

  • Raisin Ear
  • Ooh. Dried grapes must be a tasty snack, especially while traveling. How about raisin ears? Oops. That sounded like gross. Dr. Youn said that if a surgeon detaches the earlobe from the face, pull the skin tight, and then reattach the earlobe, and if it was done hastily, then there is an ultimately big chance that raisin-like wrinkles develop in the lobe. How about you recommend someone who experienced this to do more surgery?

  • Botox Brow
  • Making yourself look intimidating – well, it’s up to you. Just like what the British celeb Katie Price did. That intimidating look because of your eyebrows may be the cause of incorrect procedures and its not something a great skincare product can hide. To restore, how about you request that physician to take a free operation (well regardless of the items he/she used on you)?

  • Ears, Ears, more Ears!
  • Now. This is the third time we will mention the ear part. It’s all about those scars, honey. You can see the difference between someone who undergone plastic surgery and someone who doesn’t. From a smooth, light-colored skin to a weathered look. Occasionally, these scars will thicken, and the only way to treat this is through steroid injections or laser treatments.

  • Someone Has Given You a Surprise Look!
  • Surprise! Commonly, all senior citizens have some loose, saggy, upper eyelid skin. Jocelyn Wildenstein is an example of this since it is known that she took plastic surgery. Moreover, she has no eye bags on her!

The Gift of God and Contentment

Every one of us is created with our traits coming from our parents. Sometimes, we inherit our mother and father’s parents’ traits. Before, people are not concerned with their looks, unlike today. So besides being content in our current look, let’s embrace what we have today. More notably, save your money for future uses and don’t focus on making yourself, better, especially in your looks.

Your Child Will Still Inherit Your DNA!

Even if you have undergone plastic surgery, the genetic information regarding your characteristics is still stored. If you have curly hair, dark complexion, or flat nose, then you will feel insecure about it and begin attending your physician so you can immediately change your look. Note that your stored genetic information on the inside didn’t change because it is done physically. This means that the change is only on the outside but not on your DNA. Your child will likely inherit the given traits given before. We are not discouraging you from giving yourself a nose job or facelift, but how about following Kareena Kapoor’s strategy to change your looks completely? Massage your jaws, and you’ll get a perfect jawline. Do exercises for your nose to make it pointed instead of getting expensive facial remaking. Lots of alternatives exist for you.