We’ve all heard of terms like “athletic-appropriate,” “high-performance,” and “sweat-proof products being sold on the market and good reason. Becoming aware of the dangers of living a sedentary lifestyle, today’s generation is focusing on healthy dieting, hitting the gym and trying out new styles of fitness. So, how does this relate to the ingredients we use and makeup we wear just to get a workout in? Take it from top models like Adriana Lima, Lakshmi Menon, Karlie Kloss, and Kendall Jenner who believe in three skincare rules when it comes to fitness and beauty: remove makeup, wash face, stay hydrated, and repeat.

The fashion world has reached its peak obsession with athleisure, the £3 billion market that includes plenty of skincare brands for both active men and women. They’re created to be suitable for use before, during, and after a workout routine. In fact, most products suggest that they’re meant to be “thrown in the bag,” while others claim to have special formulas designed for specific routines. But are these products the real deal or just another marketing strategy aimed towards active individuals?

Understanding Active Skincare

When Sephora introduced Sweat Cosmetics less than 3 years ago, customers took notice and gained a 560% increase in monthly revenues due to the promise of natural ingredients and sun protection. The main goal is less about looking glamorous at the gym, and more about creating a flawless glow while you’re getting your fitness on. In fact, beauty companies like E.L.F. and Clinique are offering “post-workout mist” and wipes to help you remove makeup before you hit the gym and freshen up after you’ve worked up a sweat.

After all, who wouldn’t want to achieve that model-look with thick lashes and glowing skin during a gym session? Waterproof mascaras and makeup with SPF and “sweatproof” formulas can offer just that. In addition, an effective skincare routine to help you achieve clear skin while maintaining an active lifestyle.

How Bad is Sweat For Your Skincare Routine?

From a beauty standpoint, sweat is the root behind a fresh appearance. It flushes toxins out of the skin and keeps blood flowing for a healthy glow. Yet, the main problem comes when makeup and dirt from sweat are already mixed on the skin. Not to mention, the rise in body temperature during a workout. This creates the perfect platform for bacteria to build on your face and result in Breakout city.

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Achieving Workout-Ready Skin

As so many individuals complain about terrible breakouts after a session at the gym, this can only mean one thing: not prepping the skin ahead of time. The key is to use makeup wipes with natural ingredients when you’re tight on time and remove makeup residue before you sweat. Additionally, here are some active skincare tips you should follow:

  • Exfoliate the entire body – when you lead an active lifestyle, exfoliation comes with a host of benefits to the skin. You’re scrubbing away dead skin cells, dirt, toxins, and other pollutants that have built up over time and gets trapped inside your pores. Be sure to exfoliate at least twice a month to help you maintain smooth, glowing skin from head to toe.
  • Keep your hands off – while it can be tempting to wipe the sweat off your face with your hands, bacteria can be transferred from your hands to your face. Instead, use a towel to wipe away sweat.
  • Limit sauna time – one common mistake is jumping into a hot steamy shower or sauna after a workout. While this may be relaxing, it can also dehydrate your skin and deplete its natural oils. As a result, this will lead to fine lines, wrinkles, and an overall dull appearance.

If you know you’re in for an intense session, gently clean and prep the skin. That way, you can sweat without worry and carry toxins aware from the body. Just be sure to rinse them away post-workout.

Today’s beauty trends are yelling loud and clear: sporty is the new sexy. But so is having fresh, healthy skin. While “fitness-specific” isn’t always friendly to our skin, be sure to read the ingredients and use what works best for you. After all, your skin is the natural window to your overall health and wellness.