So you’ve finally got a shot with that gorgeous co-worker, handsome stranger, or the guy you’ve been dying to get an introduction to. Maybe you’re first question is “what’ll I wear?” but your second one has got to be about your makeup. It’s a tough balance. You want to look natural, and beautiful. And you want it to last. It’s not all about the perfect, kissable lipstick. You want to feel comfortable and free to get close, no matter what, right? These tips will help keep your makeup looking and feeling great, no matter what your date throws at you!

1. Keep It Light And Natural

To get the right look for the perfect date, you’ll want to keep things light. Primer’s a good idea, powder, not so much. You want a healthy glow, not something shimmery or over dramatic. Unless you’re big on the dark lipsticks and and smokey eyes day to day, you don’t want to try anything too intense for a first date. The idea is to show who you really are.

2. Check Your Teeth

Your smile has a huge impact on your first impression. You want to check your teeth regularly throughout the night to make sure there’s no food stuck in there. You’ll feel free to smile and laugh without self-consciousness. And that is bound to make you more beautiful to your date!

3. Avoid Excess Oils

Another good reason to keep it light, is to keep the oily residue from your makeup from interrupting your date. Everyone gets shiny sometimes, and if you’re nervous and prone to sweating, it can make things even worse. Before you do your makeup, opening your pores with a gentle cleanser, and closing them with a cold water rinse will give you a cleaner foundation, and get rid of oily residue. Blotting before and after applying your makeup can help you avoid getting too shiny on your date.

4. Easy On The Eyes

Eye makeup is a tricky one to get right for a first date. You don’t want anything too dramatic, but if your eyes are a key feature, and you want to show them off. Choose two colors at most. Pick something that works well with your outfit (and ideally, brings up the color of the eyes he’ll be staring into all night!) There are a few tricks to getting your mascara right, and avoiding the “spider” look. Don’t use the mascara wand in the makeup. It’s more likely to be clogged or cause clumping. Rinse your mascara wand with water before using it, to avoid spider lashes..

If you’re really worried about mascara, but you don’t want to go out with thin lashes, consider false lashes. Practice a few times before the date, so you get the application right. If you think clumping is going to be a problem, imagine how you’ll feel if a lash drops into your wine glass, just as the conversation is getting good!

5. It’s All About The Lips

The right lipstick is essential on a first date. Picture it: You’re eating a great meal at a nice restaurant, and your lipstick comes off on your cup. You’re chatting up a storm with this great guy, and suddenly notice he’s staring at you. Quick check in the mirror, and you realize your lipstick has stained your teeth. How comfortable are you going to feel, when things get more cozy at the end of the date? You want a makeup that will leave you looking great, especially when things are going well! To get the right lipstick, follow these tips:

6. Use Prime

A lip prime does a lot to keep your lipstick on, and keep it even. It’ll create a smooth canvas, and keep your lips moisturized throughout the night. That avoids clumping, and drying out. Lip primer also helps bring the color of your lipstick and gloss out.

7. Choose Your Lipstick

Like everything else, you really don’t want to overdo the lipstick. If you choose a lip gloss, choose one with shine, but don’t go for an overly wet look, that might look oily by the end of the night. Lip stains tend to stay on longer. This is the place you can get creative with makeup on a first date. After all, you want them looking at your lips, right? It’s tempting to go red and dramatic, but again, focus on you, and what makes you beautiful. Go subtler. You don’t want to scare anyone off.

7. Pick Your Best Features

The most important makeup tip is to accentuate your best features. To emphasize your eyes, tight line the upper lash line by working a black pencil or gel liner into the water line and between the lashes. That’ll make your eyes pop, without any need for dramatic eye shadow. Instead of caking on extra lipstick, that’ll just get in the way, you can add a touch of highlighter to your cupid’s bow, to draw attention to your mouth. There are plenty of tricks to keep your date’s eyes exactly where you want them, without needing a lot of makeup that will end up oily and uncomfortable by the end of the night.

8. Relax

It may sound like Mission Impossible to calm those nerves (and possibly, butterflies?) – but lowering your stress and anxiety level can make you look more beautiful. Wrinkled, frowns, outbreaks, dry skin and even eczema are often related to stress. So make sure you are as Zen as can be, and show off a well-rested, glowing face.

Getting the perfect look for date night goes beyond lipstick. You want to look natural, and confident. That means staying away from dramatic looks, and learning to accentuate your best features without caking on a lot of foundation, that’s just going to leave you an oily mess at the end of the night. With these makeup tips, you can feel confident in your makeup job no matter how long the date lasts! Good luck, and go get him!