In South Korea there are skin care clinics everywhere, making the process of getting a facial similar to walking into a nail salon for a manicure on your lunch break. There’s specific Korean skincare routines that are being embraced and followed by millions of people, all with various skin types or problems. Korean skincare techniques offer heaps of benefits, often in a gentler, but more thorough approach, including reducing pore size, moisturizing and fighting wrinkles. There’s plenty to choose from too, from face mask sheets to a good brew.

Get Steamy In Your Bathroom

A well-known but seriously underrated Korean skincare technique that is cheap,
easy and can be done at home is the use of steam. While you can purchase steamers specifically designed for doing facials, leaning over a bowl of hot water with a towel over the back of your head to trap the steam is just as effective. Even easier though, take a hot bath or shower with the windows and doors closed so that your bathroom steams up. This will benefit your skin all over, rather than just your face. Give yourself a thorough steam facial by massaging your skin in circular motions to increase circulation and prepare the skin for products.

The Benefits Of Steam

Steam will open up the pores and loosen the buildup of dirt, while making the skin softer, so that it’s easier to remove blackheads, as well as reducing how many will form in the future. Open pores also make it easier for the skin to absorb any products that you use on it. A Korean technique is to follow your usual skincare routine but while in your steamy bathroom. Apply the products a little more generously than usual as they’ll be absorbed easier and quicker, and repeat the routine twice for the best results. Steam is particularly beneficial for people with dry skin, including conditions like eczema, and is good for winter months when skin needs a bit of help to look its best. Follow this method around 2-3 times a month for glowing, clearer skin.

Taking Face Masks To The Next Level

Face masks are commonplace in beauty regimes, all of them formulated to offer different benefits for the skin, from moisturizing to reducing the appearance of acne. However, in Korea face masks come in the form of sheets. Again, these are all formulated to focus on different skin issues and the different skin types. The biggest difference between traditional face masks and Korean sheet masks is that the sheet acts as a seal to stop any of the ingredients evaporating and encouraging them to penetrate the skin. The sheet is usually made from cotton and is infused with different skin-boosting essential oils and serums. After around 15 minutes of wearing the sheet mask, instead of washing it off like you do with clays or creams, you massage the leftover product into the skin until it’s all absorbed for maximum benefits. Be aware, these sheet masks can make you look a bit peculiar, so it might be best to wear them when no one else is around.

Have A Cup Of Tea

Sitting down and having a cup of tea is a perfect way to de-stress, which is beneficial for your skin and overall health. There are many well-known foods and drinks linked to healthy skin and even just staying well-hydrated is known to result in a better complexion. Korea’s superfood of choice is their barley tea, known as boricha, which claims to have wrinkle-fighting properties. The tea contains a lot of antioxidants, which research has found to prevent peroxynitrite from forming, an oxidant that attacks skin tissue, resulting in DNA damage that leads to wrinkles. Koreans drink barley tea like water. It’s usually served with every meal and can be drank as a traditional hot cup of tea in the colder months or put in the fridge with ice as a refreshing beverage in the summer. It’s even given to babies from birth to fortify their skin in a bid to keep them looking young and healthy from day one.

Whether you’re super-serious about caring for your skin and follow a daily routine, or you want a something that is inexpensive, effective and requires very little effort, there’s a Korean skincare technique that will fit into anyone’s beauty regime. The many techniques and products have been tried and tested by millions, receiving the seal of approval, so Korean skincare techniques are certainly here to stay.