In true Lady Gaga style, the star has kept fans guessing about the meaning behind one of her newest tattoos. On Valentine’s Day she shared some photos of her latest inks, both believed to be tributes to “A Star Is Born,” which Lady Gaga was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Ally. One is of a rose with the words ‘la vie en rose’ and the other is musical notes, which could say GAGA, BCBC (Bradley Cooper?) or even ABAB. The tattoo also originally missed out a musical staff line thanks to tequila!

‘La vie en rose’ tattoo

Lady Gaga’s first tattoo is the outline of a rose covering the majority of her spine with the words ‘la vie en rose’ at the sides of the stem, which translates from French to seeing life in pink, or commonly put as viewing the world through rose-colored glasses. Lady Gaga shared the photo on Thursday, calling it “a tattoo toast”.

Bradley Cooper first saw Lady Gaga perform the Édith Piaf song of the same name at the opening of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy in 2016, which inspired him to cast her as Ally in “A Star Is Born,” where she also sings the song before meeting Cooper’s character, making it an iconic song for both of them.

Confusing GAGA or BCBC tattoo?

Lady Gaga also got four musical notes on her forearm, which she said spells GAGA, however, fans pointed out that there’s no treble clef, so in the bass clef it reads BCBC and could also read ABAB. There’s much fan speculation that this could be a tribute to co-star Bradley Cooper, or her manager, Bobby Campbell, who also got the same tattoo.

Some have said that Gaga may have deliberately just gotten the notes so that it can read either way, while others believe it simple reads GAGA, which Lady Gaga has confirmed on Instagram, writing that it is “my name, written in music.”

Drunken tattoo error

When Gaga first shared the tattoo it was missing a staff line, which musical fans quickly pointed out. Within an hour Gaga got the line added in by her tattoo artist and posted a new photo with the caption, “Musical crisis averted… too many tequilas forgot the fifth staff line poor thing. Here’s the real deal.”

Of course, this shows why it’s never a good idea to get a tattoo when you’re under the influence of alcohol, which Lady Gaga agreed with saying, “as a music theory student I’m appalled,” but added, “as someone having fun with their friends I’m relieved”, presumably because it was an easy fix, unlike Ariana Grande’s new tattoo of Seven Rings written in Japanese.

Despite Lady Gaga confirming that her tattoo represents her onstage name, many fans love the idea of a deeper meaning, such as a tribute to Bradley Cooper, manager Bobby Campbell or even hinting at future music, while other fans pointed out that there has been no mention of her fiancé Christian Carino on Valentine’s Day. Either way, Lady Gaga has said she can’t shake the role of Ally and that the movie will change her life forever, which is why she’s got the latest tattoo tributes.