Daniel Winter is the tattoo artist behind Lady Gaga’s latest tattoos, a rose on her back with the words ‘la vie en rose’ and music notes spelling out her stage name. Winter is based in Beverly Hills and has a waiting list of around a year, with clients traveling from Japan, Australia, France, Italy and Brazil, to name a few, to get work done by him. He does a lot of simple, yet meaningful, tattoos and has a huge social media following.

Who is Daniel Winter?

Daniel Winter is more commonly known as Winter Stone in the tattooing world. He has tattooed a whole host of celebrities, including Miley Cyrus, Sophie Turner and Bella Thorne. Winter Stone specializes in black fine line tattoos that are mostly simple and small, such as outlines of hearts, waves, palm trees and small lettering.

He believes that “a small, fine piece of artwork on your finger or wrist gives you a bit of an edge without being too edgy.” He went on to say, “I focus on each client individually and, if anything, just try to lead them to a better design and something that is more meaningful to them.”

Once you’ve got the artwork right, you need to care for your new tattoo for it to heal nicely and stay bright and fresh. Here are Winter Stone’s top tips for tattoos.

Keep it clean

Once a tattoo is done it will be wrapped in Saran wrap or a protective clear film. This is to stop bacteria getting into a fresh tattoo, which could lead to infection.

Winter Stone says he recommends clients to leave it on “for 48 hours while the tattoo is healing. Once you remove it, wash your tattoo immediately with antibacterial soap.” Products like Everyone for Everybody 3 in 1 Soap is a good option for fresh tattoos.

Moisturizing your ink

When it comes to the best products to use for moisturizing your tattoo it can be difficult to choose as there’s so many products out there. Some are specifically designed for tattoos and others are standard products that are regularly used on tattoos without any problems.

Winter Stone recommends that you “apply a small amount of lotion or balm once or twice a day until the tattoo is healed. Some clients like to dry-heal their tattoos, which is perfectly fine, too.” Moisturizing your tattoo can help to reduce irritation and itchiness when it’s healing, as well as helping the skin to repair.

Protecting your tattoo from the environment

Once your tattoo is healed it’s easy to forget about caring for it, especially if you have a lot of ink. However, there are plenty of things in the environment that can stop your tattoo looking its best, including harmful sun rays.

“After your tattoo is fully healed, I recommend applying sunscreen at all times to keep the sun from beating up your tattoo”, says Winter Stone.

He recommends using David Beckham’s House 99 Statement Tattoo Body Moisturizing Cream that contains SPF 50, and commented that he would love to tattoo Beckham.

Following these top tips from a celebrity tattoo artist who is in high demand and can claim to know a thing or two can help your tattoo to heal nicely and look as good as new for years to come.