Look Your Best in the New Year!

2017 Skin Care Trends

It’s exciting when a brand-new year rolls around, because the world of beauty usually introduces us to some innovative treatments and products. Sometimes, these skin care debuts become breakthrough stars, depending on the advancements in science, materials, and technology. Take tanning, for instance – for years it was the go to way to darken our complexions during the winter months, but as we became more aware health risks and the dangers of spray tans more and more people are choosing to tan more responsibly.

The year 2017 is already creating buzz when it comes to healthy, Do It Yourself(DIY) skin care tips.
Check out our list below for the 2017 Skin Care Trends to watch for now:

Facial Masks Uncovering A Beautiful Complexion

A facial mask might not sound like a major deal, but in skin conscious nations like Japan, The United States and France, we’re seeing a big shift towards masks made from unusual ingredients. Additionally, we’re also seeing a scary trend in unsafe nose hair waxing that can lead to possible sinus infections or worse.

Google is the technology know-it-all when it comes to people looking up specific things online, in our case, skin care. The search engine giant has revealed that facial masks are one of the top beauty trends this new year and they go far beyond the ordinary old egg white mask.

Instead, the black mask is becoming all the rage, especially when made with activated charcoal. This hot Japanese trend is like a high-tech detox for the complexion. People want clear skin that looks radiant and black masks are superb at offering exfoliation at an affordable price.

Probiotic Skin Care Means Face-Friendly Topical Bacteria

Lactobacillus plantarum and Enterococcus faecalis SL-5 might be difficult to pronounce or spell, but these probiotic bacteria provide value by producing a radiant, acne-clear complexion. Clinical studies show that these new topical serums and creams are ideal for sensitive skin and many other skin types. Beauty editors believe that the probiotic skin care trend is here to stay.

Probiotic skin care products add balance to a complexion and encourage collagen production. These pure formulas allow pores to look smaller and bring about a natural, healthy shine. Adding Vitamin C or hyaluronic acid to these blends amp up the benefits even further.

Dry Facial Brushing to Rev Circulation and Age Backwards

We all know about dry-brushing our cellulite-prone areas, right? This simple technique of brushing with round circular strokes stimulates circulation, gets rid of dead skin cells and smooths the texture of our skin. Dermatologists believe dry facial brushing offers similar benefits to the complexion and the pores, creating younger-looking skin with a radiant glow.

The dry brush procedure can be done at home twice a week, as long as you buy a proper dry facial brush that has been designed specifically for that purpose. You don’t want sharp bristles that tear the skin and agitate the complexion.

Superfood Serums Inspiring Healthy, Natural Skin Care

People are curious about trendy ingredients like turmeric and manuka honey that help the body maintain balance on the inside. Superfood skin care has certainly become a growing beauty market. Feeding the skin with essential oils enriched with ingredients like Broccoli Seed Oil and Flax Seed Oil, bring suppleness, softness, and a revitalized complexion. We are what we eat, as the old saying goes.

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