Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas have been married for about a year, and the celebrity couple is anything but shy when it comes to sharing details about their married life. Moreover, the two are also quite open when it comes to talking about their fashion, beauty, and skincare habits. Recently, Nick, who is a member of the Jonas Brothers, revealed that he frequently uses his wife’s skincare products. And rather than getting annoyed, the pop star said that Priyanka actually likes the fact that he’s taking care of his skin using her beauty staples. Find out which products are responsible for the couple’s flawless skin, and how you and your partner can get that same radiant glow.

He’s a sucker for these skincare products

In an interview with People, Nick revealed that he uses Priyanka’s sheet masks. He also told the media outlet that whenever he runs out of moisturizer, he takes some of the actress’ instead of buying more for himself. While the singer is unsure of the brands of these products, Priyanka’s recent interviews, as well as her latest partnership with a major beauty brand, may give their fans a clue as to what are the exact products that the “Sucker” singer is swiping from the “Quantico” star.

Priyanka’s secret to her glowing skin? A Vitamin-C enriched moisturizer

The actress recently spoke with Purewow and she credited her skincare routine for her luminous glow. Last May, it was announced that the actress is Obagi’s latest brand ambassador, and Priyanka had nothing but praise for the brand’s daily moisturizer. She also revealed that she is quite partial to the moisturizer from its Vitamin C line. As she’s constantly traveling in planes, the actress hints that the rich formula may be responsible for fighting the dehydrating effects of cabin air. Priyanka believes that the product makes her skin brighter, despite her hectic travel schedule, and this moisturizer may very well be the one that she’s currently sharing with her husband.

Indeed, vitamin-enriched moisturizers can do much to improve skin health. For instance, Vitamin D in moisturizers and serums can help to improve certain skin conditions such as eczema, while Vitamin C has potent antioxidant properties to keep skin looking fresh and young. If you and your partner are looking to upgrade your skincare routine, then using a vitamin-enriched moisturizer may be the way to go. Apart from Obagi, brands such as The Body Shop, Kate Somerville, and The Ordinary all carry Vitamin C moisturizers in their respective product lines. Meanwhile, you can get Vitamin D-enriched creams and lotions from health food and supplement stores such as GNC.

Gold-infused sheet masks for the win

Most sheet masks that are out in the market are usually infused with fruit or vegetable extracts. But for Priyanka, nothing but a sheet mask that’s laced with real gold will do. A recent video of the actress showing her pre-makeup skincare routine reveals that she uses 111Skin Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask, a sheet mask that is steeped in real 24K gold and rose extract. The masks are believed to help brighten, rejuvenate, and lift the skin, and while Priyanka can definitely afford to share this product with her husband, the mask’s $32 price tag may be on the expensive side for those who are on a budget. For a cheaper alternative, try the brightening sheet masks from Mediheal, the anti-ageing masks from Garnier, or the moisturizing masks from Etude House.

Nick and Priyanka Jonas are definitely setting some great trends when it comes to skincare. You could try using the very same products to get that celebrity glow— or use inexpensive alternatives for great skin without hurting your wallet.