Want Great Skin? Avoid These Foods and Try These Healthy Alternatives!

Did you know food affects skin condition? While a good skincare regimen can help balance out the effects of poor nutrition, it turns out that what’s on your plate mostly determines whether you have good skin or suffer with acne. Here’s a list of foods you should avoid if you want to have healthy, clear and glowing skin.

1) Sugar
Ice cream, sugary cereals, cookies and cakes are all packed with sugar; yes, they’re absolutely delicious, but they also cause acne due to the fact that they contain processed sugar, which leads to inflamed skin. If that’s not enough to get you to put down the candy bar, consider this: processed sugar may also cause wrinkles! Now, are you convinced?

If you’re craving candy, have a small piece of dark chocolate, healthy porridge made with almond milk and honey, delicious berries or nuts instead!

2) Coffee

It’s hard to get to class without that huge cup of coffee, especially if you’ve been partying all night. Coffee can help you survive in college, but unfortunately too much of it can also speed up the aging process.

Try green tea or herbal tea for a healthy substitute. If you’re looking for a quick fresh energy boost, try a freshly squeezed juice.

3) Milk and Dairy

Milk is filled with growth factors and hormones, and it is well-known that dairy products can lead to skin inflammation and breakouts. We don’t even realize how much milk we actually consume every day. Milk is added everywhere, from cereal bars to creamy soup. Furthermore, milk and dairy contain lactose, which many people are allergic to. Lactose is not easily digested in the gut even if you’re not allergic, and can lead to more inflammation and bloating, which makes your skin appear dull and tired.

To reduce your milk and dairy intake, try coconut or almond milk and be careful with certain types of meat, such as ham, which have added lactose to make the pink color really stand out.

4) Fried Food

In order to fry food, the vegetable oils must be superheated, and when this happens, they release free radicals into the body. These free radicals are toxic for your body and cause cells to age faster. This obviously affects your skin too, causing spots, wrinkles, blemishes and a whole lot of other lovely side effects, such as increased cholesterol and blood pressure.

Limit your intake of fried food and go for grilled or braised dishes instead, which taste just as good; if you really want to fry your food, opt for a healthier oil such as coconut or olive.

5) Processed Meat

Processed meat is hard to digest than other types of meat because it is often filled with unhealthy additives. Digestive issues can cause the skin to break out. Opt for non-processed meat and cook it in a healthy way; a good choice would be a grilled chicken breast.

6) Refined Grains and Carbohydrates

Refined carbs cause inflammation and consuming too many can lead to wrinkles and adult acne. Go for whole
grains, lots of vegetables, sweet potatoes and lots of fruit.

7) Salt

Too much salt leads to water retention, causing bloating and dried out skin. Bags under the eyes are sometimes caused by too much sodium in addition to fluid retention. To avoid this, use minimum amounts of salt and make sure you drink plenty of water.

8) Alcohol

Yes, we know…it’s hard to avoid alcohol and we’re not telling you to cut it out completely, but excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided as it will make you look exhausted and unhealthy. Too much alcohol causes dehydration and you will end up with broken blood vessels and horrible dry skin. Stick to one glass of wine per day if you can’t avoid it!

Eat Fiber!

We’ve all heard about the magical benefits of fiber, and the good news is that everything is true! You can find fiber in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. A high fiber intake keeps your digestive system running smoothly and your skin peachy in the process.

So there you have it! Follow our simple guide to get the best skin you’ve ever had and – as an added bonus – you’ll feel healthy and energized!

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