Despite their brief five-month relationship in 2018 that saw the pair engaged, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande got several couple tattoos dedicated to each other. However, since their breakup in October 2018 they have both been working on covering up the tattoos, with the latest being Pete Davidson covering his ‘mille tendresse’ tattoo on the back of his neck, identical to Ariana’s, with the word ‘cursed’ in capital letters, supporting reports that the two are no longer friends.

Mille tendresse cover up

Mille tendresse is French for ‘a million tendernesses’, an expression that became popular in 1961 by the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Ariana already had the tattoo on the back of her neck and Pete got the same in September 2018, just five months ago. His tattoo artist, Jon Mesa, posted a photo to Instagram of an owl tattoo he done on Pete, inadvertently showing the cover up off. The original tattoo has been scrubbed out with brown ink and has ‘cursed’ stamped over it in big, black, capital letters, with many people believing it’s still aimed at Ariana.

Ariana’s cover ups

Ariana got several tattoos for or with Pete that she is gradually covering up. The first was his name, ‘Pete’, tattooed on her ring finger. After their breakup, but before her cover up, she wore a band aid over it during a live performance on NBC. Just a couple of days later she covered up a second Pete tattoo, this time the word ‘Reborn’, which the pair had tattooed together.

Ariana’s was along her thumb but she’s covered it with a feather. She also got a tattoo for Pete’s late father, his firefighter badge number, which Pete has too. Ariana has since covered this with a tattoo for her ex Mac Miller’s dog, Myron, who she has been looking after since his death.

Is Pete covering any other tattoos?

Cosmopolitan reported that the couple got a total of 12 couple tattoos during their relationship, but it seems Ariana is covering hers up a lot quicker than Pete is, although it may be that Pete isn’t covering his up so publicly. Pete got a tattoo on the side of his neck of the bunny ears Ariana used to wear during her Dangerous Woman album, but not long before they split he covered it with a black heart, a tattoo that Ariana also has. He later added the letter ‘a’ next to it, presumably for Ariana, but it’s unclear why he covered the bunny ears and got the ‘a’ after the heart.

What’s left?

Some of the tattoos that the couple got that still remain include Ariana’s ‘lumos’, that she got because Pete Davidson is a big Harry Potter fan. The pair both have ‘H2GKMO’, an acronym for honest to God, knock me out, which is one of Ariana’s favorite sayings. Pete got a pig tattoo after the couple adopted a pet pig together and ‘AG’ on his finger.

The couple got matching cloud outlines on their fingers, a reference to Ariana’s cloud fragrance. Pete got a big ‘Grande’ tattoo inked on his ribs, while Ariana got ‘always’ in Pete’s handwriting along hers, reportedly another reference to his love of Harry Potter.

Both Ariana and Pete are working their way through covering up their couple tattoos, but the pair certainly got a lot during their five-month relationship. Pete’s latest savage cover up certainly seems to have made his feelings towards his ex very clear.