Protect the Skin Under Your Beard

Grooming is a little different for men have hair all the body and have a hard time imagining what their bare skin looks like. Yes, there are those whose balls, back, stomach, shoulders, arms, legs and all manner of body parts are filled with hair. Are you that person? Have you destroyed four or more manscaping devices including electric shavers, epilators, manual razors, etc. within the past year? If so, then you are what some may describe as a hairy-ass man.

It is possible that you overlook one crucial aspect of grooming – taking care of the skin that lies beneath the hair. Fortunately, few things you can do to ensure that you properly take care of your skin.

Treat ingrown hair well

It should be obvious that the more hair that grows on your body, the more likely it is that some of it will make a U-turn and burrow into the skin. This can lead to a lot of pain and inflammation. As such, instead of waiting for the appropriate time to pop it like a pimple; take measures and understand how you should deal with ingrown hair. The solution here is simple. Give the body a few days to correct this on its own, and it doesn’t use a pair of sterilized forceps to pull the ingrown out. You can also opt to see a dermatologist to handle the problem efficiently.


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Percentage of Men with NO Chest Hair

Change your body lotion

If you have ever tried to put lotion or cream on a hairy body, you know getting it done efficiently can present quite a challenge. The reason is that the hair acts as a barrier that prevents the lotion from making its way to the dry skin that desperately needs the moisture-rich elixir. The solution here is to replace the thick solutions you use with oil-based formulas. These can penetrate through the densest hair while taking care of the follicles. Think of it as killing two birds with one stone but in this case; you get to take care of your skin and the body hair at the same time.

Go easy on your body

Not many people know this, but body hair can serve as a natural exfoliant that reduces the need for scrub products with rough ingredients. This is because by rubbing body wash or soap on your hairy body, the skin rubs against the follicles. This effectively sloughs off dead skin cells and dirt, thus leaving the upper layer looking new and fresh. As unpleasant as it sounds, it is also cool. However, this doesn’t mean that you should completely forego exfoliation. It just means that you should be gentle on your body hair.

Seek out a professional

Women are clever enough to seek the help of professionals for their body hair removal needs. So why shouldn’t you? Don’t shy away from doing the same if you are having issues shaving certain parts of your body like the back. A quick wax can get the job done nicely and won’t cost you more than $100 bucks. You want to plan this for two to three days before an important date to allow time for the redness to subside. It is also important to note that waxing can leave you with sore bumps oozing pus. As such, you can end with something that looks like acne on your back. To avoid this, you can opt for a decent chemical hair remover or trimming, both of which should be offered by a professional.

Play the angles

When it comes to grooming the chest, the last thing you want is ending up with irritated skin. That isn’t a good look on anyone. Chest hair tends to grow in all directions, and as such, you should ensure that you get it from all sides. Use a clipper and go against the grain. Start shaving left, right, up, down and finally diagonal. Don’t rush things as you want everyone to know that you have confidence in yourself when you take off your shirt.

That is the short and long of skin care for our furry friends. Remember to honor the rules of taste and style, and don’t forget that self-love is important.