The skincare industry is evolving all the time with new innovations and products launching each year. Not to mention the never-ending stream of trends created on social media. 2016 began the anti-pollution revolution in beauty, 2017 was the birth of spiritual skincare and probiotic products, alongside renewed conversations on diversity in the beauty industry. So, what can we look forward to in 2018?

Get behind the masks

With selfies taking over and the rapid rise of social media trends, face masks are here to stay. But 2018 will see face masks reach a new level. It’s predicted that masks will quickly become more sophisticated and we will see more masks for the body – arms, chest, hands and breasts. These masks will target specific problem areas, particularly ageing skin. With 3D-printed eye patches to erase crow’s feet and self-dissolving micro-needle masks containing hyaluronic acid, we should never undervalue face masks again.


Treat your body like your face

Body skincare is predicted to become as important as facial skincare. You will soon see an increasing number of body cleansers, acid exfoliators, moisturizers and serums for the body hit the shelves.

Environmentally-friendly products and packaging

The beauty industry hasn’t always been credited with a positive eco stance, but 2018 looks likely to be a significant turning point. More plant based plastics are expected to be used, along with glass, as consumers have increasingly become aware and concerned of the harm to the environment from plastics, particularly when not disposed of properly. Despite being the most used ingredient in the beauty and skincare industry, it’s expected that less water will be used following concerns that demand could one day outstrip supply.

Skincare supplements

Experts predict that more of us will see supplements form part of our skincare regime from 2018. Whether taken in tablet, powder form or mixed into our favorite smoothie, many of us will turn to supplements to give our skin an additional boost.

Beauty and skincare tailored to you

We are promised that from 2018 we will see more beauty treatments and products that will put us first. From makeup to skincare, the industry sees it as no longer one size fits all.

Gender neutral beauty

While we’ve been offered unisex, or gender-neutral fragrances for some time, finally the beauty and skincare industry is catching up. From his and hers haircare products to gender-neutral beauty, it’s about what the product can do, not who it’s for.

Cannabis skincare..?

The legislation of Marijuana in LA has led to a flurry of research on the effects of on the human body. It’s been widely acknowledged for the medicinal benefits, but it’s been discovered that it also offers a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. We can expect to see the launch of some cannabis-based brands and products in 2018, including a perfume.