Acne is the eighth most common health issue in the world in the world. Globally, 9.4% of the population have acne and a whopping 95% of people will experience the condition over the course of their lifetime. With so many individuals battling to fight the pimples, redness, and blackheads associated with acne, it’s essential to find an effective treatment to clear up your symptoms. And, there’s no better way than to use the tried and tested methods which are utilized by some of the nation’s top skin care experts.

The no-touching rule

Everyone knows that not touching or squeezing your spots is the number one skin care rule, yet millions of people break it every day. When you squeeze a spot, the dirt and bacteria which lives on the hands get transferred to your face. There’s then a chance of infection and more pimples developing. What’s more, when you put pressure on a spot, you risk damaging the skin and even scarring it. This is why Allure’s, Sarah Kinonen and GP Dr. Daisy Bennett promote the no-touching pimple rule at all times.

Double cleansing

Double cleansing involves you thoroughly cleansing your face twice to remove all traces of dirt, makeup, and impurities, and to penetrate your pores. In fact, it’s the second cleanse that’s the most important, according to the Director of Treatment & Development for HC MedSpa, Rabbia Aslam. She says that during the second cleanse, any dirt which has built up in your pores will be targeted.

This is crucial in combating acne as clogged pores are a leading cause of breakouts. Hallie Gould, the senior editor at Byrdie backs this theory up and says she swears by double cleansing when red cyst-like lumps rear their heads.

Soothing aloe vera

Aloe vera is somewhat of a super cure for multiple skin complaints. It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties means that it can alleviate the symptoms associated with sunburn, reduce facial redness, and diminish the physical effects of acne. Dermatologist Lauren Fine, M.D. recommends using fresh aloe vera where possible as it has the best concentration levels, meaning it will work quickly and effectively. Last year, Drew Barrymore tested this theory out , with great results. The actress used Instagram to share with her fans how effective the raw plant was on her cheek blemish.

Women Applying Cream in Mirror

Benzoyl peroxide

Coveteur’s editor Hannah Baxter says she always turns to benzoyl peroxide when she experiences an acne breakout. She religiously uses Clean & Clear’s Persa-Gel 10 which contains an impressive 10% of benzoyl peroxide. The great thing about benzoyl peroxide is that it is available in multiple forms and can be purchased in products which can be bought over the counter.

Meanwhile, higher strength products are available on prescription. Benzoyl peroxide works to treat acne by destroying the bacteria which causes breakouts and by removing dead skin cells from your follicles.

Topical retinoids

Topical retinoids containing vitamin A are an effective and expert-approved way to deal with acne. When topical retinoids are applied to your skin they encourage the production of collagen and exfoliate the skin. This results in fewer blockages and cleaner skin, therefore, you’re less likely to experience a breakout. Erica Smith who writes for The Cut says that she likes to use Sunday Riley’s A+ High Dose Retinoid Serum when she’s hit with a bad bout of acne as it’s “really, really good at shutting things down.”

Acne affects millions of individuals every single day. Thankfully, beauty experts and dermatologists have shared their best tips and tricks to tackle acne. Therefore, you’ll never have to worry about facing the world with acne-plagued skin again.