With the popularity of selfies, the experiential nature of social media has played a strong role on the $200 billion global cosmetics market. In fact, beauty enthusiasts consider online platforms like Instagram and Facebook as the new “Tupperware party.” The success of the reality TV celebrity shows how video bloggers and millennials are rewriting the rules of social influence and beauty marketing. Not to mention, the influence of social media is obvious in the success of Kyle Jenner’s cosmetic line, earning $420 million in revenue within 18 months.

Due to its emphasis on visuals, beauty trendsetters are giving their viewers something to talk about with Insta-worthy content. In fact, women are eager to try something new, especially when it creates a change from the “basic” routine. However, not all beauty trends on social media are approved by everyone.

Check out these top 10 insane beauty trends caused by social media:

Bling Waterline

For most people, the closest foreign objects that get to the eyes are usually the blacked out eyeliner and contacts. However, putting anything in your eye, such as jewelry is extremely dangerous. Not only will you risk damaging your eyes, but you may also increase the potential of infection by introducing bacteria to the eye region.

The “Halo” Effect

It is no secret: eyebrows are the beauty frontier that completes the look. Earlier this year, a teenage Instagram blogger rose to fame overnight with her over-the-top eyebrow trend, known as the “Halo Brows”. The look is exactly what it sounds like – spanning from one brow to the next and has been described as the “reverse unibrow.”

Faux Freckles

Remember the time when freckles were often covered concealer and foundation? While some still do, the trend of faux freckles proves one thing: Natural red and brown spots are in style! In fact, so many women want freckles that it has become a “norm” to apply fake spots or for a skin-kissed natural look.

Corkscrew Acrylic Nails

Fashion and function don’t always go hand-in-hand. But that hasn’t stopped this nail trend from gaining popularity. Imagine trying to go about your daily tasks with corkscrew-shaped nails that reach 2 inches in length. Kira Sky Nail Products created the complicated design with the help of a plastic straw.

Granny Hair

Grey hair; the trend that’s blowing up everyone is as bizarre and it is beautiful. The look is equally stunning and edgy as it complements nearly every hair texture and skin tone. In fact, men and women are flaunting their new-do in a variety of styles, such as a fierce bob, natural curls, ombre styles with bold colors, and waves.

Nose Hair Extensions

Another hairy trend that’s been surfacing the social platform is the nose hair extension. The trend initially started in October of 2017, when a woman named GretChen posted a selfie wearing false lashes curled around her nostrils. While it looks a bit itchy, the hairy look motivated several women to try it out or themselves, even creating video tutorials to show how they can recreate the look at home.

Tears of Pearl

The nose hair trend may be daring, but the trend that involves applying pearls to your face is now a thing. In fact, avid beauty-enthusiasts are gluing plastic pearl beads to their aces to create a mermaid-inspired look. However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this dramatic trend as Lady Gaga glued pearls all over her body back in 2010 during the New York Gala.

Glitter Roots

Brace yourselves, as the reoccurring hair trend going viral on social media, isn’t for the faint-hearted. A grade school favorite that’s deemed appropriate for dance recitals and 90’s theme parties has re-emerged into the spotlight. Celebrities like Lucy Hale have embraced the glitter trend or special events and the festive season. Not to mention, the glitzy trend is easy to achieve.

Beastly Nails

The list would not be complete with examples of bizarre beauty trends, and the craziest of them all: Fur nails. Starting from CND nail polish, Jan Arnold, co-founder and style director, sent his models down the runway with faux fur on their nails. As the look is more aspirational than practical, it only seems to attract avid-beauty followers down the same route of aquarium and bubble nails.

Deodorant as Primer

Searching for a budget-friendly to primate your face and apply your makeup? Look no further than social media’s solution to deodorant. With the inevitable rise in temperature, comes unwelcome perspiration in unexpected places – especially in the T-zone area. Before you freak out, makeup vloggers are using natural brands with an aluminum-free formula.

We do wonder, is a product that’s formulated for the underarms safe to use on the face? During an interview with Nicole Darmanin, spokesperson or Mario Badescu Skincare, using deodorant on the face can put you at risk of breakouts and irritation.

So, have you tried any of these insane beauty trends found on social media? If not, are you willing to give it a try? While some of these trends may be harmless, others come with serious risks. Be sure to consider the measures of safety as staying true to your look will never go out of style.