99% of all beauty packaging goes straight into the bin after a single use, and around the globe the beauty industry creates 120 billion units of packaging every year. Some companies, such as LUSH, have started to address this problem with ‘naked’ products, but Beauty Kitchen has taken it one step further by asking customers to return containers and reward them with incentives, all in the hope of making the beauty industry sustainable and minimal waste.

Return. Refill. Repeat.

Beauty Kitchen’s program is as simple as it sounds. You purchase your product, and once it’s emptied you return the containers by post, which is paid for by Beauty Kitchen. They wash the containers, refill them and, as a thank you, they’ll send you vouchers towards your next purchase. This is currently only available in the UK, but the website says to watch this space as they’re planning bigger things. Their packaging labels are made from limestone, so no trees are involved, and jars are made from glass or aluminum. They try to use as little packaging as possible when posting too. They believe this makes the cycle of returning and refilling endless for truly sustainable packaging. They’re also working on accepting other brand’s containers to further help the beauty industry become more sustainable.

Beauty Kitchen’s Ethos

Beauty Kitchen have a very simple mission statement. They simply want to use less packaging and produce less waste, which is why they’re making it so easy for customers. The company was founded by Jo Chidley who is a qualified chemist and has a a love for natural ingredients. She merged the two together to make sustainable cosmetics accessible for everyone. She also intends to raise awareness of plastic consumption and the effects it has on the environment, particularly within the cosmetics industry. As an extra bonus, 90% of products are approved by The Vegan Society and the rest are suitable for vegetarians, as they use beeswax in their balms.

Natural Products On Offer

Beauty Kitchen are launching their sustainable line with the Seahorse Plankton+ range. It’s formulated using blue chamomile and microalgae, which is sustainably grown and great for protecting and renewing skin. The range includes different types of moisturizers, a cleanser and sustainable beauty wipes. Following this, there’s the Abyssinian Oil range, with ingredients including sustainably grown plant seed oils. These oils are known to be great for intense moisturizing, and the range of products includes a sleep mask, facial oil and a serum for the eye area and deep lines.

Beauty Kitchen is setting a standard for sustainable cosmetics. Not only are they tackling their own product’s waste, but they’re also looking into how they can reuse other companies that don’t have options available for customers to recycle or reuse containers. The beauty industry has a long way to go to gain back control of the amount of single use plastic they use, but hopefully more companies will follow the lead to reduce and reuse, or better yet, go completely zero waste with naked products.