At the very forefront of the health food store movement, Whole Foods have pioneered what it means to be a “health store.” Now a household name, Whole Foods provides a vast array of healthy options to consumers, and have garnered much respect in their industry. Even with this success, the company continues to brainstorm unique and varying ways to set them apart from an increasing number of competitors while continuing to grow their own brand. Though known for their expensive prices, the company wants to continue to reach more consumers, and are now looking to attract younger shoppers.

Declining Sales

With the health and wellness movement gaining popularity at an extremely quick rate, organic and natural food and lifestyle items are beginning to be offered at more and more stores across the country. As a result, these healthy items are available at many cheaper and more local grocery chains. Due to this, Whole Foods’ total sales have taken a hit. Now that consumers are able to find the same products for cheaper prices elsewhere, the company is attempting to combat this loss. Announced in February of 2016, Whole Foods has decided to introduce a new brand of store to the market.

A Millennial Brand

The concept behind this idea is to introduce a new line of millennial-focused stores around the country, titled “365.” With this brand, Whole Foods is attempting to attract a younger, more budget-focused consumer, hoping to compete with other chains and businesses that boast health food items at cheaper prices. Whole Foods’ ultimate goal for this brand is to focus on convenience and lower prices

Dubbed as “Friends of 365,” Whole Foods is also looking for vendors to join these new stores and help attract even more young shoppers. If everything goes according to plan, consumers may soon be able to buy items at a variety of different vendors – including some that many wouldn’t expect to find at a store run by the health food giants at Whole Foods. Possible vendors could include: fresh juice stands, record stores and shockingly enough – tattoo parlors. That’s right, you may be able to go grab your groceries and get a new tattoo all in the same place.

With locations already open in Washington, Texas, Oregon and California, and more set to open later this year, it looks like this brand is here to stay. Make sure to keep an eye-out, Whole Foods plans to open ten 365 stores by October 2017.