The popularity of skincare products with retinol continues to rise. Based on data gathered by the market research company NPD, the sales of products with retinol in the US experienced a 27 percent increase in 2018. The positive reputation of retinol is one of the main reasons for its ongoing popularity, though most people still have no idea how retinol can be useful for their skincare routine. Some people even believe that they can no longer gain access to the the positive effects of retinol products because of their age. However, being familiar with several dermatologist-approved tips about retinol can make your skincare routine at home even better.

Understand What Retinol Is

When looking for the right skincare products, you need to check if retinol is one of its main ingredients. Speaking with Forbes, dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban from Beverly Hills explained that retinoids are derived from vitamin A. It is known as an effective ingredient in unclogging pores and increasing the skin’s collagen production. A good example of effective retinol products includes Dr. Brandt Retinol Serum. It contains 2 percent of the potent acid that can even the skin tone, soften fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin tone.

Look For OTC Retinol

In the past, most dermatologists would only prescribe retinoic acid-like Tretinoin (Retin-A) for serious skin breakouts. During that time, they would dismiss the effectiveness of over-the-counter (OTC) retinol products. But new retinol formulas can now work just as well as prescription-strength products in reducing signs of aging.

Unlike the doctor-prescribed counterparts, OTC retinol can cause less irritation. If you are trying to avoid any adverse reactions, opting for OTC retinol is a wise idea. You can find lots of retinol-based products like eye creams and skin serums at many of your favorite drugstores.

Introduce Retinol To Your Skin Gradually

Celebrity facialist Shani Darden suggested in an interview to start using a retinol product once a week for first-timers. Then, slowly build up your dose and use it as often as your skin can endure. If you have sensitive skin or have to use prescription retinol, you must put on moisturizers before and after retinol application. Finding a hydrating moisturizer is the best choice for this purpose.

Women Applying Cream in Mirror

Apply Retinol Products At Night

Speaking with Elle, Mount Sinai Medical Center dermatologist Joshua Zeichner shared that retinol tends to be slightly inactivated by exposure to sunlight. Because of this, he believes that applying retinol products during your nighttime beauty routine would be ideal. Aside from avoiding the sun, a nighttime application would maximize the effects of the product since the skin will be free from sweat or unnecessary rubbing.

Products with retinol can be considered as one of the best anti-aging skincare staples. Because of its collagen contents, it can help skin cells function normally and boost its ability to have a steady cell renewal cycle. As long as you slowly incorporate it into your skin routine to gauge your sensitivity to the ingredient, you can apply retinol as often as needed. With regular use, you will see your desired results in a short period of time.