A tattoo has emerged from a Reddit user that depicts former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s face, sweating and trembling, with the quote, “you’re not saying anything, Tony”.

This comes from a cringeworthy video in 2011 of the prime minister and an interviewer where Tony Abbott stood in silence instead of answering the questions. The man with the tattoo has said he got it because the TV moment “was pretty much just something that always made me laugh”.

The video in question

The moment that’s be captured in the tattoo comes from an interview that took place in 2011. A video had emerged of Tony Abbott speaking to Australian soldiers in Afghanistan following the death of a soldier.

He made a remark about the awful circumstance, saying “sometimes s**t happens, doesn’t it?” to the soldiers, which caused outrage from the public and led to many people calling Tony Abbott insensitive. Tony Abbott claimed the footage had been taken out of context, so an interviewer gave him the opportunity to clear things up and asked Abbott to explain what the context was. Tony Abbott’s response?

A full 28 seconds of silence and awkward head nodding that led the interviewer to comment, “you’re not saying anything, Tony”. It’s this infamous quote that has been used in the Reddit user’s tattoo, along with a sweaty and trembling face of Tony.

The context of the video

Without context, this tattoo moment can easily be mistaken for the Prime Minister being asked a question that he simply can’t talk his way out of and has been rendered speechless.

Others interpreted it as a sabotage on behalf of the interviewer. However, the interviewer says he gave Tony Abbott’s team a list of the questions he was going to ask beforehand and they arranged where and when to meet him for the interview, giving them plenty of control.

After the awkward 28-second silence and head nodding Abbott responds with, “you got the response you deserve”, suggesting that he planned the moment and felt the interviewer’s question didn’t deserve an actual answer.

So, why the tattoo?

The Reddit user, who is from Adelaide, got the tattoo by Alex Yap at Jetty Road Tattoo. Yap claims that the tattoo was “one of the better ideas he’d heard recently” and was happy to do the piece.

It seems the tattoo has been done just as a bit of fun. For some people, the idea of the tattoo seems meaningless and a silly thing to have permanently etched into your body, but others see it as light-hearted and humorous.

The tattoo was posted online to Tony with the message, “I got this today Tony. What do you think?” and shortly followed up with, “You’re not saying anything Tony?!?” for additional comedic value.


The Internet’s response

It seems the Tony tattoo is in good spirit, but as with most things the people of the internet have had some strong and mixed opinions to share.

One person commented with approval of the artwork, saying, “Hahaha nice mate. Sick line work and shading. Where’d you get it done?”, while another asked, “’Why couldn’t you get something more tasteful, like a Eureka flag or tribal tattoo?”.

A third person was just trying to understand the reasoning behind it, asking, “But why… why give Tony Abbott the satisfaction of being tattooed?”.

It seems many people are eagerly waiting to see if Tony Abbott will respond and, more importantly, how long he will keep his silence for this time. He’s definitely outdoing his previous 28 second record, that’s for sure.