Winter Skin Care Tips

Cracked Skin Isn’t the Worst of It!

Winter does have its delights, but the fact is it is not good for the skin. Cold, dry air depletes the skin of moisture and leaves it dry and flaky, sometimes to the point where it even cracks and bleeds. But there are many things that can be done to protect skin from the ravages of winter. Following are some of them:


To combat winter’s drying effects, drink lots of fresh water several times a day. This not only keeps the skin supple, but keeps the inside of the body hydrated as well. Caffeinated drinks are problematic. Hot caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea make a person feel toasty inside as well as wide-awake, but they are actually dehydrating. They should be enjoyed sparingly.


Dry, dead cells are constantly building up on the top layer of the skin and making it look dull. Exfoliation simply means to get rid of them so that new skin cells can take their place. It can be as simple as rubbing cornmeal or a sugar scrub over the face with the tips of the fingers or as grueling as a chemical peel. A person should gently exfoliate their skin once a week and then add moisturizer while the skin is just damp.

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Use Mild Cleansers

Avoid harsh cleansers in the winter. Surprisingly, dermatologists consider the ingredients found in regular soaps to be too harsh for most people’s skin. They also recommend cream based moisturizers. Massage a drop or two into the skin and then remove with a square of gauze or a cotton pad.

Remember the Eyes

Since eyes tear when exposed to the cold, avoid streaking by wearing waterproof mascara. Apply eyeliner and eyeshadow only to the upper eyelids.

Use Moisturizers

Indulge in a luxuriously soothing moisturizer if winter leaves the skin chapped. If an icy wind has left an area of skin stinging and burning, use a moisturizer with 1 per cent cortisone cream. Winter-reddened skin can be concealed with green-tinted moisturizer or a concealing pencil.

Moisturizer should be put on before stepping into a hot shower, because the steam locks it in. Winter is the time for oil-based as opposed to water-based moisturizers.

Before applying makeup, apply a really thick layer of moisturizer to problem areas on the skin. Leave it for a few minutes, then blot off the excess and put on a creamy foundation. A foundation fortified with argan oil fights cold-induced dryness.

Use a Humidifier Inside

Air inside the house is drier than a desert in the winter, so it’s a good idea to invest in a humidifier. If a humidifier is too much trouble, a pan of water on the radiator also works.

Be Gentle with the Skin

People with conditions such as psoriasis or eczema should especially avoid allergens that make these conditions worse during the winter. Use gentle detergents to wash clothes and don’t wear clothes that irritate the skin.

Use Sunscreen Outside

A sunny winter’s day can be beautiful, but the sun’s ultraviolet rays are even more damaging to skin when they’re bounced around by snow or ice. Dermatologists recommend putting on a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 before heading outside. Dark-skinned people are not immune. Sunscreen should be worn even when the day is overcast, for one type of ultraviolet light penetrates the clouds.

Protect Skin From the Wind

If there’s a wind blowing, pull up the hood, pull down the hat and wind the muffler around the lower half of the face until only the eyes are showing.

Don't Forget Your Beauty Rest!

At Bedtime

A hydrating mask is helpful to keep the skin juicy. Rinse the mask off after 5 to 15 minutes with cool water. Moisturize chapped areas on the elbows, knees, hands and feet. Some people slip on socks or cotton gloves and keep them on while they sleep. A glass of warm lemon water just before shut-eye aids in sleep and keeps the body hydrated throughout the night.


One interesting tip to avoid chapped lips is to apply eye cream to the lips then follow the eye cream with lip balm.

These simple recommendations should help the skin stay beautiful, glowing and healthy throughout the winter and into the warmer months.

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