Tattoo artists take pride in what they do. In order to create their artwork at the highest of quality, they are constantly looking for the best equipment available on the market. However, many artists make the fatal mistake of spending their entire investments on quality tattoo machines and needles while skipping the importance of what is required to power their machines. That is where the Tattcom ESCx comes in.

Officially launched in 2018, Tattcom released their leading compact tattoo power supply with Bluetooth® features and an impressive 86-watt motor driver that starts even the toughest machines. During a recent interview with T&A Tattoo Technology Company co-founder, Aaron Williams, we’ve got the inside scoop on their latest power tool that’s soon to sell on the U.S. market. After all, the right power supply is just as important as the transfer paper, needles, and its machine that keeps the unit running at a peak state.

Focusing on the Art, Less on the Speed

According to Aaron, the ESCx power supply gives the artists the freedom to no longer concentrate on handling speed control and focus more on their art. With a controlled setting, the artist won’t have to worry about slowing down the machine as the power supply adjusts itself to the speed of the progress. In return, the shading and design will produce higher quality results than manual handwork.

Where Voltage Matters

The ESCx power supply offers a proprietary motor control algorithm that is specifically designed to improve rotary machine consistency and overall performance. With the compatible hitting power and speed, artists will never have to worry about setting their voltages. The ESCx calibration will automatically find the right voltage to run your machine at the set Hz/cps – no matter what you’re working with. In addition to the brand’s universal calibration, Tattcom recommends that’s selecting the correct machine will benefit the ESCx to calibrate more accurately with up to 3 machines in memory and 5 presets each.

Latest Features in Power Supply

The latest ESCx also offers Bluetooth® voice control with a rechargeable foot switch. Tattcom’s digital app feature supports both iOS and Android devices that allow mobile apps to provide hands-free usage and reduce potential risks of cross-contamination. Users can also activate the voice control feature with the tap of the foot pedal. In fact, the IP67 waterproof enclosure and connectors prevent the risk of contamination from entering the unit – making cleaning and maintenance user-friendly.

Upcoming Release in July

With Tattcom’s recent suspension of sales online, the company is currently focusing on the U.S. market. Tattcom aims to promote the ESCx at international conventions, including the previous Philadelphia Tattoo Expo in February and the next upcoming LA Tattoo convention in August 2019. According to Aaron, over 100 units will be ready by July 2019. In addition, Tattcom has mentioned future plans on global shipping by early 2020.

How Much Will Tattcom’s ESCx Cost?

With the competition of tattoo power supplies ranging anywhere between $100 – $600, the ESCx is currently retailed at $499.99 and rechargeable wireless Bluetooth® foot pedal set at $199.

No matter what technological advances occur in the near future, the technique and style of the artist will always be the client’s top requirement when getting their new ink. And of course, we’re always excited to see and test out the latest tattoo innovations the company has planned for years to come. With that, the future of Tattcom has a lot of promise to offer.

Thanks Aaron for taking the time to let us in on what Tattcom has next in store for artists worldwide.