Damaged hair is a common problem – no matter what length you have. Between coloring, heat styling, and the constant changes in weather, we tend to put our hair through a lot of stress. The result? ? Frizz, breakage, dryness, and limp ends that make our hair all the more difficult to control.

That is why experts believe that taking a preventative approach is key when it comes to minimizing hair damage. Here are natural ways to combat those bad hair days and help revive your strands.

Apply Conditioner First

If your hair is showing signs of severe dryness and damage, you may want to start your cleanse by washing with conditioner first. You can condition your hair before shampooing, then again at the end. This will allow your shampoo to remove build-up and impurities on the roots without drying out the lengths.

Use Better Tools

Did you know that dry hair is more prone to breakage compared to hydrated locks? Aside from using natural products, the tools you use play a major role in the health of your hair. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes people make is brushing your hair with the wrong brush. Use a wide tooth comb and start at the bottom. Remember to be as gentle as possible to keep your ends from pulling and splitting apart.

Skip the Towel Drying

If you’ve been avoiding hot tools but still experience damage, perhaps its time to look at exactly how you dry your hair. Keeping your hair wrapped up in a towel will also be the cause of breakage, especially the roots. Not to mention, the aggressive motion of rubbing against the towel will create frizz and weaken the cuticle.

Use A Hydrating Oil

If you’re not already using oils in your hair care routine, rest assured that it won’t make your scalp greasy. Applying a high-quality natural hair oil to your lengths will help lock in moisture and reduce the appearance of frizz. Be sure to look for a formula that contains repairing and conditioning properties such as sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and mongongo oil. These natural oils help penetrate the hair shaft.

Go For Natural Ingredients

The products you use might be due to its popularity on the market or simply because you’ve been using the same items for years. However, you may want to rethink before you buy. The fact is, most commercial hair products are filled with toxic chemicals, sulfates, alcohols, and artificial fragrances, which causes scalp irritation and strips the hair. Instead, opt for natural formulas that are free of sulfates and parabens to reduce further damage and help repair your ends.

Yoga For Better Hair

You’d be surprised at just how much stress can contribute towards hair fall. Through meditation and physical activity like yoga, this can go a long way towards reducing stress and help reduce hair fall. In fact, the Utthanasana Position can help.

  • Stand straight, keeping your feet aligned.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • As you slowly exhale, extend the arms high and bend forward to reach the floor.
  • Stay in the position for 5 exhales as you breathe normally.
  • Inhale deeply as you slowly straighten the body.

Remember, hair damage is natural but that doesn’t mean you can’t slow it down if not, reverse it. Follow these natural tips to keep your hair care in control.