For the spring/summer 2019 makeup trend, beauty enthusiasts focus on clean, ethereal beauty with a hint of an unusual element. This means everything from watercolor shades to wild graphic liners, and bitten-looking lips. Most of all, foundation is out for this season, with a strong preference for glowing, nude skin.

While the overall vibe of this spring was gentle and restrained, there is an exception to the artistic use of color, with minor regards to sophisticated techniques and clean-cut lines. For the SS19 runways, makeup trends were primarily seen in the form of pastels and glitter. Not to mention the pop for boldness to awaken the spring season.

Clean, Glowing Skin

Skip the heavy liquids and keep the skin free of foundation. Superstar artists like Val Garland, Pat McGrath, and Lisa Eldridge kept their runways foundation-free and opted to use just a touch of concealer only on spots deemed necessary. The best take on clean, radiant skin was at Stella McCartney, where just a touch of mascara and a dab of highlight simmer was needed to bring out the models’ natural look. Aim for soft highlighted cheekbones, but not with power highlighters. Instead, makeup artists prefer a touch of cream or liquid luminizer for a natural sheer.

Bold-Colored Lips

As beauty gurus are stemming away from foundation, the limit to how many shades you rock on your pout does not exist this season. Bold lip colors will range from bright to dark, unexpected shades. From hot pinks and coral to navy blue and purple lips, there’s no limit to the bold lip trend.

Bitten Lips

One way to rock the bold lip is to try out the “bitten” look. This technique uses a bold color in the center of the lips and is then “buffed out,” resulting in a diffused look. Simply dab a small amount of bold color in the center and blend outwards towards the corners.

Big Brows

This season is all about Cara Delevingne vibes with huge, fluffy brows. With the small use of eyebrow powder and a dose of mascara, big brows can be achieved with a natural look. Keep well-groomed brows brushed upwards in a feathery soft appearance.

Bright Wings

Winged eyeliner is another trend that’s taken flight as makeup artists play around with the concept to create colorful eye makeup looks. For Pat McGrath’s jewel-toned wings at Versace, metallic green eye shadow was used. McGrath took inspiration from the birds’ motif and drew wing-like eye shadow shapes around the eyes, using jewels or glittery shades.

Watercolor Shades

Another artistic trend to this colorful season is the watercolor effect that was used to create a messy yet gorgeous makeup look for the spring/summer runways. Anne Sui embraced the sunset-inspired shades with warm yellows applied from the crease up to the hairline, covering the forehead. The pink was applied to the front of the brows and again below the eyes to the cheekbones.

Go Clumpy or None At All

Clumpy mascara is one of the grunge SS19 makeup trends as the Twiggy-inspired look was embraced on the runways of Prada and Chanel. Paired with clean skin and lightly applied pink lipsticks, mascara was applied thick, messy, and clumpy to both lashes then rolled over the lid in faded lines.

If clumpy isn’t your style, the no-makeup trend also means no mascara. At Giambattista Valli, Val Garland skipped the mascara altogether and opted for the same tactic at Balmain and Isabel Marant. Instead, models wore pastel eye shadows to stand out.

From pastel lashes to bold purple lips, there’s definitely no shortage of trending colors to choose from this spring.