Unless you are a rocker like Jared Leto or Billy Joe Armstrong, or a famous sports star like David Beckham, chances are even the smallest amount of eyeliner or nail polish would have earned you a few condemning looks up until recently. As the beauty industry embraces an era of inclusivity, men all across the globe are, however, redefining the historical standards of male beauty. The days of men’s grooming products is limited to beard and hair products are long gone with an increasing number of cosmetic houses tailoring their ranges to accommodate the modern male as well. While aftershave balm and facial moisturizers have found their way into the medicine cabinets of most male-oriented bathrooms, foundation, brow fillers, and other types of makeup are also fast becoming popular among forward-thinking, appearance-conscious men.

Always start with a good foundation

Actors, TV hosts, and news reporters have been relying on foundation to make them appear more youthful and healthy for years. Today, even the average man on the street has become accustomed to using foundation to cover up scars and uneven skin tone. Foundations come in liquid, cream, and powder form and, together with a good primer and concealer can help to cover dark rings underneath the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles, and large pores. Applying a primer as a base layer is especially recommended for guys with a lot of facial hair as it prevents the foundation from sitting on the hair follicles.

Brow fillers are a game changer

It is a fact that not all men were blessed with beautiful brows like those sported by Drake and Joe Jonas. While some guys prefer to leave their brows in their natural state, others recognize the vast difference adding some shape and definition can do for their appearance.

An instant concealing powder, such as Color Wow’s Root Cover Up does wonders to make your brows look fuller while a quality brow pencil from brands such as Boy de Chanel and Glossier will enable you to both sculpt and fill your brow in the comfort of your own home.

Natural bronzers trump sun damage

Many men, just like women, prefer a sun-kissed, tanned look over a pasty complexion. While it is possible to achieve the desired look by spending time in the sun or making use of a spray-tan, a quality bronzing powder or gel can do the same thing. Not only is a bronzer a lot more gentle on the skin than the sun, but it can also be washed off at the end of the day, unlike a fake tan. There are a number of quality bronzers on the market that can be used by men and women alike although some guys may feel more comfortable using a product specifically designed for men such as the offering from Tom Ford’s grooming line.

Never neglect your lips

Your lips need as much, if not more, care as the rest of your face which is why a good-quality lip balm has become an essential component of any grooming regime. Dry, chapped lips are not only unsightly, but uncomfortable as well and can become downright painful if left untreated. The best lip balms for guys are those that provide a matte finish so that it does not even look or feel like there is anything on your lips.

Chanel’s men’s makeup line includes a bam that both hydrate and smoothes the lips while offerings from brands such as Black Jack, Nivea, and Anthony Logistics for Men all pride themselves on their high-quality products specifically designed for men.

In many ways, the world is becoming systematically less conservative as far as things like clothing and makeup are concerned. Make-up wearing men are becoming all the more commonplace and will undoubtedly soon become as ordinary a site as a beautiful woman sporting the latest blush and lip color available on the market.