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Protein: A Vital Building Block For Beauty Regimes

The new millennium has undoubtedly brought about a greater awareness of the importance of taking an integrated approach to health and beauty. If in the past, the focus was on finding the right product to battle wrinkles, flaccidity and pigmentation, men and women today are far more knowledgeable about the effect that the sun, diet, and sleep have on skin in the first place. Beauty gurus have long understood the importance of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables for maintaining beautiful skin, but what about protein? In this post we discuss the importance of this macro-nutrient for youthful skin that...

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Why Glutathione Could Be the Next Big Cosmetic Ingredient

While it is currently in use in a number of cosmetic products around the world, glutathione has yet to truly become a household name. You may be familiar with the name of this substance from the ingredient list on anti-aging cream, or even from supplements that boost the body’s natural production of this substance. Beyond that, you may not know much more about it. Although there currently isn’t much discussion about glutathione, especially among consumers, it is something that has the power to become the next big cosmetic ingredient. Not only does it offer cosmetic benefits, but it also...

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Confession Corner: Are You Making These Beauty Mistakes?

We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to health and beauty that make us cringe. A recent study of 2,000 women found that the worst beauty mistake is using too much eyebrow pencil. But there are other mistakes to avoid so that you look fresher, younger, and your skin remains glorious. You might not realize it but your daily habits could be harming your skin. For instance, if you’re  regularly skipping applying an SPF or not drinking enough water, you’re making your skin look older and risking health problems too, such as dehydration or more serious illnesses. Here are...

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The Worst Beauty Hacks Online You Should Ignore

The Internet is a veritable treasure trove of ideas especially when it comes to DIY, clothing, and beauty. Everyone seems to be a self proclaimed expert on a whole host of topics, without really seeming to have any qualifications! As consumers we’re all looking to save money and are sometimes compelled to experiment with our health and beauty routines. However, looking online for beauty hacks might throw up some questionable hints and tips which need to be avoided. There’s no denying there are some great, budget friendly ideas out there, like the oil cleansing method, which encourages using olive...

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Care For Your Curls: Looking After Your Hair The Natural Way

Over the last thirty years, there has been a marked increase in the amount salon service users pay to get their hair cut, colored or treated. On average it’s estimated that prices may have increased by a whopping 5.2% per year. It’s now more than likely that you’ll shell out a substantial double-figure sum of cash to get professional hair care. As anybody with curly hair knows, the artificial, non-holistic hair care products on the market don’t always keep your hair very healthy. While there are lots of holistic products out there treating everything from oily scalps to dry...

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