The evenings are getting longer and the weather warmer. Spring is in the air, and tanned skin is back in as we return to breezy seasonal dressing. But, as we’re becoming increasingly aware of, lying in the sun to obtain a natural tan is damaging to skin, with overexposure to harmful UV rays proven to cause premature ageing as well as increasing the risk of skin cancer. So what’s the alternative? To have a Spring self tan plan, of course.

You can tan on the down low with a clear formulation, the next-gen way to tan for Spring. The key difference between a clear tan and a traditional tan is that a traditional formulation contains a guide color, showing you where you’ve applied the tan. This guide color is what can typically transfer onto materials during development time – those who share a bed with someone who tans, will be all too familiar with this. A clear tan requires a little more accuracy upon application, with only a light sheen to show you where you’ve already applied.

But the benefits are worth the extra time taken to apply the product. As clear tan is invisible upon application, there’s no unpleasant transfer onto clothes or sheets during development time. Apply with a mitt day or night, and, while waiting for it to develop, get dressed, run errands and sleep in fresh bed sheets! Clear tan is an absolute must-have special occasions – brides, bridesmaids, prom queens and hens, each relish this type of formulation prior to their special occasion. For those last minute, white-outfit wearing situations, every fake tan fan should have a clear tan in their arsenal.

The demand for clear tan has risen dramatically in recent years, with tan fans requesting invisible formulations to suit their busy lifestyles. Clear tan also provides an easy entry point for those new to tanning, who may be seeking a more subtle product to get started with – guide colours provide an instant change in appearance that some may wish to avoid.

For a skin-loving solution, the Sienna X Self Tan Clear Water Mousse is your go-to. An advanced formula packed with Hyaluronic Acid, a star ingredient holding up to 1000x its own weight in water, and Aloe Vera to hydrate and nourish the skin, this 100% vegan product achieves a flawless bronze coverage while ensuring you stay in control of your shade.

The product is also available in Gradual and Ultra Dark variations, offering diversity in individual tanning preference for a truly bespoke glow. A tropical summer fragrance transports you to your dream holiday location, featuring fruity notes of Peach, Honey Blossom, Nectarine, Peru Balsam and Amber. It has sustainable credentials to feel good about too – the foamer pump contains 35% post-consumer recycled plastic, which would otherwise end up in landfill. The bottle and cap are also fully recyclable.