When caring for your hair, it can be difficult to get the results you want but by caring for your hair both through using products and changing your diet, you can have the results you want to help combat common issues such as hair loss. However, some forms of hair loss cannot be resolved by changing your diet and methods such as a hair transplant procedure Turkey and PRP therapy can help to stimulate hair growth and keep your hair looking great all year round.

In this article, we will be giving you some insight into 5 foods that can help you maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.


Salmon is loaded with vitamin D and Protein that is perfect for your scalp and overall hair health. With a number of recipes including salmon, you can incorporate this in your diet to get the best possible outcome for your hair. By adding this food and a number of others to your everyday diet, alongside a hair care regimen, you can keep the scalp clean and promote growth over time.

Sweet Potatoes

Another food that is rich in beta-carotene to help both skin and hair is sweet potatoes. With a large number of nutrients packed inside, this food can be used in a number of recipes to keep your hair looking your best and keep your skin looking completely refreshed. Though this will take time to see any visible changes, this will be beneficial for you in the long term as it will increase blood flow and help to maintain vitamins and minerals in the body.


Jam-packed full of biotin and vitamin B eggs are the magic food that you need to care for your hair and add strength and shine to the hair. This food is the magic ingredient that you need to begin reversing the signs of hair loss and help to promote the hair growth that you need by replenishing the protein that is found in each hair. In addition to adding this into your diet, using egg within a shampoo or a hair mask can help to speed up the process and keep your hair looking stronger over the course of a few months.

Dark Chocolate

Another food that is well worth trying when caring for your hair is dark chocolate. This sweet treat is perfect for the skin and helps to keep you feeling great. In order to get the effects from the chocolate, you will need to find one that is over 75% cacao as this will have a higher concentration for better benefits. In addition to this, chocolate can be melted down or made into hot chocolate to give you amazing looking skin even in the winter months.


The final food that is highly beneficial for your hair is oats as they are a great source of protein and also carry a lot of fibre and antioxidants giving your cells the nutritional support that they need. This is crucial as this can help to increase the number of vitamins absorbed by the body as well as keep you feeling great in yourself. This is also great for helping you to lose weight as it is the perfect breakfast to fill you up substantially.

Whether you are looking to make changes immediately or are looking for a few simple steps in the right direction to get your hair looking healthy, you can get the results you need by changing your diet with the above few changes. Which will you try first?