Justin Bieber is known for many things outside of his music, including his tattoos and causing controversy. His latest tattoo has been revealed, which reads ‘grace’ and is inked above his right eyebrow in a handwriting style design.

PEOPLE magazine reported that he may have got the tattoo in July but decided to keep it on the downlow. His tattoo artist described the piece as “thin and delicate”, but wouldn’t reveal the piece, leaving that to Justin and the media instead.

Christian background to the tattoo

Justin Bieber’s body is quickly becoming a work of art, with many of his tattoos having a religious meaning behind them, relating to his Christian faith, a trend that he started in 2011 with his first tattoo that reads “Yeshua”, meaning ‘Jesus’ in Hebrew.

His new ‘grace’ tattoo is no exception, and is believed to relate to his faith, as well as his recent marriage to Hailey Baldwin, but Bieber hasn’t offered any insight.

Unfortunately, some Christians have responded to Bieber’s religious tattoos to point out that, according to the bible, Christians shouldn’t ‘deface’ their body as it’s considered a gift from god.

Justin and Hailey’s couple’s tattoo

It’s believed that Justin may have got the tattoo around the time of his engagement to Hailey Baldwin in July 2018, or their wedding ceremony, which was in November 2018.

The artist behind the piece, Keith ‘BangBang’ McCurdy, revealed that Justin and Hailey both got a tattoo by him at the same time, each dedicating their new ink to one another. It’s also been suggested that Hailey Baldwin already had a tattoo that inspired Justin to choose the word ‘grace’, so that it relates to her existing ink.

Is the tattoo real?

Some news outlets have recently photographed Justin Bieber and claim that there’s no ‘grace’ tattoo to be seen. And if the tattoo was done in July, why is it only now being reported? It seems that the tattoo has been done in an almost skin-colored ink, making it inconspicuous.

Original photos of the tattoo appeared darker, as it was fresh, and could have had blood mixed in with it, but the final, healed tattoo is barely visible, unless you’re specifically looking for it.

Whether the tattoo is real or not and whatever the meaning behind it is, it’s certainly sparked a lot of interest from fans and the media. Beiber is no stranger to facial tattoos, getting a small cross under his left eye in 2016, and it is expected that he’ll continue to express himself through tattoos, including on his face, again in the future.