Ariana Grande has added to her tattoo collection with a tribute to one of her favorite new games. The pop star tweeted on January 13th in response to a fan that on her recent day off she played Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee! on Nintendo Switch for 15 hours straight. Just a few hours later she revealed her new tattoo of the character Eevee on her arm.

As with all of Ariana’s tattoos it appears this one has plenty of meaning behind it, as opposed to the idea that she’s just a mega fan.

The deeper meaning of Ariana’s Eevee tattoo

Ariana has plenty of meaningful tattoos, such as her bee tattoo that she got after the Manchester bombings, so it’s likely that her Eevee tattoo is full of meaning too. Eevee can evolve into eight other Pokémon and can adapt to survive in any environment.

After the Manchester bombings and the loss of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller in September 2018, Ariana Grande has had to adapt and evolve to remain strong, so it’s believed that her Eevee tattoo represents herself and how she has had to be resilient to the recent traumatic events in her life.

Ariana is also an influential and powerful person in the world of pop, but is known for her cute and friendly image, much like Eevee.

A simple tattoo

The tattoo itself is an outline with little shading and detail. Black ink only has been used and Eevee’s face, mane and tip of her tail don’t appear to have any coloring added, using the singer’s skin color to add depth to it instead. It’s a fairly simple tattoo that isn’t too bold, but complements Ariana’s skin tone and other surrounding tattoos well, which are all black and white too.

The tattoo was done by artist Kane Navasard, with Ariana writing on Instagram, “I’ve wanted this for so long”.

The difference with this tattoo is that it’s bigger than her others, which are usually small and intricate, with the other exception being her moon and stars tattoo that she got on her hand just a few weeks earlier at the end of 2018.

Ariana Grande has been getting new tattoos regularly over the past year and the designs are getting bigger. It’s likely that she’ll continue her love of tattoos with new pieces, all that hold just as much meaning as her current ones, whether it’s apparent or not.