Botox was the most common non-invasive beauty procedure carried out in the U.S in 2017. Latest figures from the ASPS reveal that 7.23 million Botox treatments were administered, a jump of 2% compared to the year before. With Botox costing as much as $1,200 per session, individuals are seeking out ways to keep the cost of their treatments as low as possible. And while this is understandable, there are some things you should make sure you avoid.

Overseas treatments

It’s not known how many individuals head abroad to get Botox treatments, but it’s safe to say that a of people lot do. Spain is a particularly attractive location when you want to get Botox as, along with being able to enjoy the hot temperatures, you can benefit from low-cost Botox shots. However, many of the companies offering these treatments are operating illegally, and this means your health is at risk. Similar operations exist outside of the EU too, such as in Thailand. It’s, therefore, essential that you do your homework before having Botox overseas. For optimum reassurance and safety, it’s best to avoid overseas treatments altogether and opt for the safety of botulinum toxin injections administered on home soil.

Bargain Botox injections

In recent months, some high street stores have announced plans to sell low-cost Botox. When Botox is priced so low that it sounds too good to be true, you should ask yourself where the injectable comes from. Physicians in America should only administer drugs that come from the U.S. In most cases, it is against the law for them to import Botox which is manufactured in other countries. However, some do as it keeps prices lower. You also need to consider what other ingredients these products contain. In 2017, Australia seized a number of illegally imported beauty products, including botulinum toxin injections, and some were found to contain human placenta.

Untrained physicians

With Botox being so readily available on the high street and in health spas, you would assume that the person injecting it has all the qualifications and licenses needed to carry out the procedure. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Y. Maman states that only board-certified dermatologists, plastic surgeons or ENT surgeons should be injecting the public with Botox as they’ll understand the person’s anatomy better than anyone else. Furthermore, should any complications arise, they’ll know how to handle them effectively and efficiently. However, as botulinum toxin injections can be bought by anyone with a medical degree, they are increasingly being administered by nurse practitioners and other non-board-certified physicians.


Medication & specialist skin care products

A common side effect of Botox is bruising in and around the injected sites. To limit the severity of this bruising, you should steer clear of all blood thinners at least a week before you have Botox. This means saying no to a whole host of medications, supplements, and even skin care products. For this reason, aspirin, ibuprofen, and other NSAIDs should be avoided.

You’ll also need to stay away from supplements which contain vitamins A and E, fish oil, cod liver oil, and flax oil, among others. Products containing active skin ingredients also need to be ditched for a week. So be prepared to put your powerful vitamin A retinoids down and to go au naturel for a few days.

Ditch your makeup

For best results, you shouldn’t wear makeup during your Botox appointment. Similarly, once you’ve had Botox, you must not wear makeup for at least four hours. This is because using brushes, sponges, and products on your skin increases the likelihood of the Botox being transferred to other muscles in your face. As a result, the Botox will target muscles you don’t want it to and it will impact your overall results. Therefore, if the thought of parading around without your warpaint on concerns you, it might be best to consider a non-injectable anti-aging alternative, such as serums and creams.

An increasing number of individuals are turning to Botox. But, before you jump onboard this latest cosmetic trend, it’s crucial that you’re aware of the things to avoid when having a Botox treatment.