Known as one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, Debra Messing has been gracing our television sets with her presence for decades. In fact, starring on a new TV show, raising a family, and participating in philanthropy is all in a day’s work. Not to mention, Debra is partnered with Curél and Direct Relief USA to distribute comfort and hygiene necessities to homeless families all over New York City.

As a working mom, Messing certainly has a lot on her plate, which leaves us to wonder: How does she maintain her amazing skin? After all, winters in New York can leave you with seriously dry skin to that lasts until spring. According to the actress who’s turning 51 in August, a simple routine is all it takes for her youthful glow.

Starting Fresh with Double Cleanse

When she’s not getting all made up to shoot “The Mysteries of Laura,” Debra goes au natural off the scene. According to the Will & Grace actress, she starts with a double cleanse of Vitamin C Face Wash by Joanna Vargas, followed by iS Clinical Cleansing Complex.

“I just use a gentle cleanser and no makeup unless I go out, then I’ll grab a tinted moisturizer.” She claims to rotate each wash based on her daily needs. Not to mention, both products work great for sensitive skin.

Keeping Routine to A Minimum

“Drinking a ton of water, eating clean, getting enough sleep, and making time for wellness,” she says is key to maintaining her healthy skin.

So far, it sounds achievable – sleeping and drinking water is a must for everyone. But during a recent interview, Debra opened up about the not-so-secret weapons use in her battle to defeat aging: her skincare routine.

Layers of Essences

One of the main staples of any Korean beauty routine is to layer difference essences followed by a toner. After Debra completes her cleanse, she reaches for a face mist from Korean brand, AmorePacfiic.

She is known to use serums like Niod Copper Amino Acid to even out her skin tone and follow with moisturizer. But like many beauty enthusiasts, Messing just doesn’t stick to one.

Instead, she rotates through a variety of creams including the Joanna Vargas’ Daily Hydrating Cream, Augustinus Bader Cream, and the Amorepacific Time Response Skin Renewal Cream.

Get A Facial

For a truly pampering experience, Messing gets regular facials with Joanna Vargas. With Joanna’s Vitamin C serum and professional facial treatment,it helps keep her sensitive complexion looking radiant and ready for the red carpet. In addition, Debra keeps hydrating facial masks with her at all times.

Grab the Ice Tray

One last tip Debra gives us is to reach for the ice tray every morning. “You add ice cubes in a bowl and fill it up with water and witch hazel. Let it sit until it gets freezing cold, then put a washcloth in it and place it on your face. The witch hazel and ice water will wake you up, bringing all the blood to the skin and tighten up the pores.”

While Debra admits there are expectations about looking a certain way in Hollywood, keeping herself healthy is what matters. After all, she believes that skin care is vital to the busy lifestyle that requires her to wear a ton of makeup on the scene.