While face tattoos may be the new normal thanks to artists such as Post Malone, Wiz Khalifa, and Justin Bieber, one rapper is ready to change his look. Bryan Christopher Williams, better known as Birdman, has just turned 50 and is seemingly ready to change his look. The renowned rapper, music producer and fiancé of songbird Toni Braxton, has expressed his desire to rid his face of a number of tattoos to a number of publications and TV shows. Always known to make a bold statement, it seems that the rapper has once again decided to swim upstream.

Does wisdom come with old age?

The Cash Money Records CEO recently appeared on The Wendy Williams Show where he discussed everything from his relationships with Lil Wayne and Juvenile, to his music and, strangely enough, his image. When asked about his decision to take off the tattoos, Birdman replied: “I didn’t want to take the head tattoos off but I wanted to take the facials off. I just felt like me being older, I would like to get it off.” Although the seemingly matured rapper seems eager to get rid of his face ink, he is not completely opposed to keeping it either stating: “If I have to live with it, I will. I just felt like, me being older, I would like to get it off. But if not, it is what it is.”

Face tattoos lead to stereotyping?

When Birdman was featured in Forbes earlier this year, he echoed similar sentiments about getting the ink on his face removed. He told reporters he no longer needs them and that they are stereotyping him. He also said: “It takes away from the business and certain things.” While everyone is allowed a change of heart, the motive behind Birdman’s is being extensively questioned. One can’t help but wonder why the man who once encouraged rapper Mikkey Halsted to get face tattoos, now feels that it is stereotyping him.

It’s going to hurt getting them removed Birdman!

If Birdman indeed has his tattoos removed, he is in for a substantial amount of pain. While getting a face tattoo obviously involves a certain degree of anguish, getting it removed is even worse. Discomfort can last for up to a week – per session. It can also take anywhere between 3 and 10 sessions to remove a tattoo which equates to a fair amount of skin blistering and pain. Sometimes, it isn’t even possible to remove all the ink pigment from the skin which, together with some obvious scarring, can leave you with skin that is far from flawless.

Even if Birdman gets treated by the best tattoo remover in the country chances are that he will be left with scarring, lightened skin pigment, and a lot of remorse over getting inked on his face of all places to start with!

Getting inked is undoubtedly a big deal and one that definitely requires some serious consideration. If you want to make a statement like a hip-hop star, it is probably best to stick to a temporary tattoo unless you want to face excruciating removal sessions later on.