Did you know that the annual spend in the cosmetics industry in the USA amounted to $62 billion in 2016 alone? Women and increasing numbers of men are spending more money than ever on the latest products and make up items. Retailers within the industry are producing and testing ever more sophisticated creams, serums and cosmetic products and consumers are embracing all the latest makeup trends from contouring techniques to embracing more natural and environmental friendly makeup. Many women use some form of makeup every day whether it is foundation or a bit of concealer. However, the best makeup of all is great skin.

Like a great canvas, having great skin is very important in your makeup routine and has many benefits. It gives you a much healthier base to begin with each day, reducing the need for heavy makeup to cover acne, blemishes or other common skin concerns.

Having a great skin care routine is also a preventative measure and helps with the all too common aging concerns so many of us share and spend hundreds of dollars each year to try to remedy. So how do you achieve great skin? By taking care of it. Here are a few great tips to get your skin in the best condition.


Even for those die-hard makeup fans and those minimalist makeup advocates alike, it is very important that we take the time to thoroughly remove our makeup and the day’s wear on our skin each day. Constant wearing of makeup products such as full coverage foundations and concealers can block your pores. Cleansing your skin every day minimises the damage this can do to your skin. It is also a great first step in any skincare routine and allows for the skin care steps and products that follow.

It is important to let your skin breathe every chance you get. Another option is to consider a few makeup-free days or use of lighter bases such as tinted moisturizer with SPF on some days.Cleansing your skin is not just about removing your day’s makeup. As the day passes, our faces can accumulate dirt, excess oil and a buildup of impurities. Allowing excessive dirt buildup can block your pores, trapping sebum and bacteria. Eventually, this leads to acne and those pesky blackheads.


Dehydrated skin ages faster, lacks oil and can quickly become dry and flaky. This is why it is important to have not just our body but our skin properly hydrated as well. Hydration for the skin goes well beyond drinking enough water; although it certainly is a factor. So be sure to get your recommended amount of water each day. Our body is made up of 60 percent of water and more specifically, our skin is 64 percent water. Without it, our body loses its ability to regulate its temperature and tissues lose their moisture. Drinking enough water and the use of at-home natural face masks are also great tools to help your skin remain firm and retain its elasticity. For our skin, having enough water means our bodies are better able to get rid of the toxins so drink up!

But hydration does not stop there. Topical serums containing ingredients such as Astrocaryum murumuru seed butter, and Cetearyl olivate from olive oil have been clinically proven to intensely moisturize your skin. A moisturizing night cream, one with balancing ingredients will help work it’s magic on your skin overnight which is when it repairs. Well-hydrated skin is much more resilient, withstanding environmental and natural factors better.


Many women employ the use of foundation and concealer to cover up imperfections they may be dealing with such as acne or the one too many blemishes. It is the perfect tool to create the illusion of a perfect base. However, makeup use should be aimed at enhancing a woman’s beauty not covering it up. To do so, we must first address any problem areas you may be dealing with. For those with dry and itchy skin, moisturizing skin care products with Manuka Honey in them are great for retaining moisture and for its healing properties. If you find yourself dealing with brown spots and discoloration, go for a treatment containing rosehip oil which contains vitamins and antioxidants great for pigmentation. When deciding on your skincare routine, use the opportunity to build it to be specifically targeted to your individual skin needs. Get to know your skin and find out what is in your skin care products.

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