Most adults and teenagers know how important skincare is as part of a healthy daily regimen. But did you know that children can also benefit from having a skincare routine? Having healthy skin is essential for a person’s well-being, no matter what age, race, or gender. It’s never too early to teach your child healthy skin habits as it’s a crucial part of everyday life. Proper cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection can lead to a healthy and beautiful skin as it can prevent common skin infections in children. The right skincare products, coupled with proper nutrition and adequate rest, can all result in resilient and hydrated skin that looks good at any age. Here’s how to teach your child the basics of skincare.


A child doesn’t need a harsh soap to cleanse his skin in the shower. Mild children’s soaps and baby washes will suffice for everyday use. To clean his face, teach your child the proper way to cleanse his skin using a mild non-soap cleanser. He should wash his face with lukewarm water and use the cleanser up to the hairline, behind the ears, and below the chin. Doing so will rid his face of dirt, oils, and grime, avoid skin irritation and clear up and prevent hormonal acne if your child is in his preteen years.


Even young children can benefit from using a light moisturizer. If your child has dry, itchy, and flaky skin, using a moisturizer can draw water into the skin, make it feel smooth, and relieve itchiness at the same time. Baby lotion should be used on the arms and legs after every bath or shower. Teach her to dispense the appropriate amount of lotion on her hand and show her how to massage it into her skin to get the full moisturizing benefits of the lotion. If your child’s face is showing signs of dryness, then a lotion that’s specifically formulated for a child’s face should be part of her skincare regimen.

Sun protection

Using sunscreen shouldn’t be reserved for a day at the beach. If you live in a tropical or sunny region, then using sun protection is a must, especially for children. To get your child to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, let her choose her own. Right now, sunscreen is available in lotion or spray form. There are some that are scented too, so let her pick one to encourage her to use it regularly. You may also want to get a mini version to put in her school bag so she can reapply before participating in outdoor sports. Teach your child to put sunscreen on every inch of her exposed skin and remind her to make sure that it’s fully absorbed before heading out.

Teaching your child the basics of skincare will benefit him through his adult years and prevent skin problems in the future. Remember to use products made for children’s sensitive skin and to see a dermatologist in case of any serious skin conditions.

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