Is there a body system that is not affected by smoking? The short answer is no, especially when it comes to the skin. The CDC reports that 16 million Americans are living with some form of ailment related to smoking. Among these ailments is the damage smoking causes the skin. Internally and externally, the skin is damaged over time through nicotine use. Often, people want to look better after quitting nicotine for good and will start by healing the skin. Omitting nicotine followed by a natural beauty regime often reverses much of the skin damage caused by smoking, even after decades.

How Smoking Harms Skin

Nicotine causes bags under the eyes through a lack of sleep. Researchers are not sure why smokers sleep worse than non-smokers, but it is believed that it has something to do with the nicotine withdrawal overnight. Wrinkles also appear as the nicotine prevents blood flow through the body. Necessary oxygen to help keep the skin’s elasticity is reduced, causing the skin to sag early. The same lack of oxygen and heightened carbon monoxide zaps nutrients from the skin. The healthy glow is replaced by a gray appearance. The body begins healing immediately after quitting smoking, including the skin, but natural remedies help improve the outer appearance faster.

Moving the Process Along Faster

Getting rid of wrinkles, eye bags, and replenishing that healthy glow feels great when it’s done naturally. Nature helps heal the skin faster as well, as natural products give the skin what it needs most – healing without additives. Aloe vera is a wonderful product for helping reduce wrinkles. The gel from the plant is used to help bring back skin’s elasticity. Lemon and vinegar mixtures have helped remove age spots, and cucumbers on the eyes have helped reduce bags. Cold potatoes, chilled milk, and Vitamin E oil also help ease the rings under the eyes.

Keep the rest of the vegetables for a salad that’s rich in vitamins, as these need to be replaced internally to help bring back increased blood circulation. Wash the face with raw honey and follow with coconut oil to bring back a touchable, enticing look. Search for products that have these natural ingredients to help with ease of application and a faster return to gorgeous skin.

Smoking harms the skin inside and out. After quitting, pamper the skin to return to a younger look and a better feel. As the body rebuilds itself, the appearance also improves almost immediately. Help the skin with natural remedies that are guaranteed to work.

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