Spirulina is the latest addition to the growing list of incredible superfoods. It is a type of algae that’s packed with vitamin B and protein, which can reduce fatigue, and aid weight loss. When it comes to skin care, it’d be safe to say that spirulina won’t let you down. What is more, if you are looking to combat dry skin this fall, then adding spirulina to your diet can work wonders. Here are some of the ways it will leave your skin feeling clear and hydrated.

Eliminating toxins

Oxidants in the body damage the cells, which makes the skin appear dry. It can also cause DNA damage, leading to heart disease and cancer. The dense mixture of vitamins and minerals in spirulina helps to fight off these toxins and therefore prevent damage to skin cells.

A high density of vitamins C and B combined with high levels of protein and iron act to detox the body. This stops the deterioration of skin cells, so that your skin appears fresh and hydrated, especially when combined with the right moisturizer. While spirulina does not naturally contain B12, this vitamin is added to the supplements. B12 helps to maintain healthy nerve cells.

Increasing metabolism

Not only will the antioxidant properties of spirulina reduce the rate at which skin cells die, it will also increase the rate at which old cells are replaced with new ones. It does this through boosting your metabolism and increasing the rate at which skin heals. Increased metabolism also aids weight loss.

Once again, it is the high density of vitamin B which improves metabolism through maintaining healthy digestion. This makes it easier for the body to absorb the nutrients it needs to heal and dispose of any harmful substances. So if you have any cracks or blemishes, consuming spirulina will ensure these heal quickly.

Preventing Bacteria Growth

The final reason to try spirulina is that it cleanses the body through preventing the outbreak of bacteria. Harmful bacteria in the body is dirty and leads to acne emerging on the skin. Just like we need ournose hairs to help keep germs from entering our system we need a healthy immune system to fight off infections as well.

In particular, it is candida bacteria that you need to be wary of. It develops in the mouth and gut, but spirulina will fight the bacterial growth and stop it from spreading to the skin.

If you haven’t tried spirulina yet, you could be missing out on smooth and clear skin. Combined with a healthy diet, spirulina supplements will do your body the world of good. While aiding cognition and a healthy weight, spirulina will fight off bacteria and toxins to keep you looking and feeling fresh.