Do you want people to see an unkempt old man when they look at your face? Probably not. Yet, that’s what we think we look like when our nose hair starts to get a bit long. Your first instinct may be to eradicate them with nose waxing, but below, we will look at why that may not be the best solution.

The Nose Waxing Craze

The idea of nose waxing really came to mainstream prominence when a beauty vlogger created a viral video of her nose getting waxed. You can see the pained participant’s eyes water as the aesthetician yanks out the offending hairs. Most of us can’t help but sneeze watching it. In the wake of the video, many experts have weighed in about why waxing your nose is a terrible idea. And, it’s not just because of the incredible pain you inflict on yourself with such treatment. There are actually prospective health problems you are putting yourself at risk for. Similar to how makeup can clog our pores, ripping out our nose hairs can lead to infections, a weakened immune system and sometimes even worse.

What the Experts Say About Nose Hair Trimming

In an interview with, a rhinologist at James Paget University Hospital, Dr. Carl Philpott, pointed out that the nose hairs play a crucial role in our health. Specifically, they serve as a bit of a wall between dirt from our environment and our nostrils. They make sure we are not taking in harmful particles when we breathe.

Another expert, Dr. Richard Leinhardt, the chief of ear, nose, and throat and facial plastic surgery at the Manhattan Eye and Throat Hospital told Allure that waxing your nose hairs can lead to infection. And, there is a massive bacterial population that is waiting to get under the surface of your skin. When bacteria that shouldn’t get into your blood does get in there, you are leaving yourself open to a number of health issues.

best nose hair trimmer

Best Nose Hair Trimmer

If you’ve decided that plucking or waxing your nose hairs probably isn’t the best idea you’re most likely now wondering what the best nose hair trimmer is. One thing to make of is that the nose hair trimmer is angled so that you’re not constantly trying to rub it against your face to properly trim the hairs in your nose. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the nose hair trimmer you are going to buy is fully washable – nobody wants to keep their snot on their trimmer!

Nose hair trimmers do come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit different purposes. There are portable models on the market, ideal if you’re often traveling for work or pleasure. There are also multi-purpose trimmers which also double up for trimming other areas including nose hair and even shaping your beard or mustache. Dependent on the specific task in hand, you can choose a trimmer which suits your needs.

Whatever you’re looking for in a nose hair trimmer, it will need to have some basic features to ensure it is as safe and effective as possible.

When looking for a new trimmer you should make sure to look out for blade construction. Most trimmers come with a carbon coated steel or silver blade, which ensures the cleanest and most efficient cut. Catching a nose hair is an extremely painful experience you won’t want to go through more than once!

Similarly, most guys want a trimmer which is waterproof so it can be used in the bath or shower, or at least kept safely in the bathroom. Other features which people look for include built-in LED lighting, washable blade heads than can be easily removed and a sleek, ergonomic design which is comfortable while in use and easy to store too.
Nose hair trimmers come in at a wide range of different prices and you can find them to suit almost every budget.

Is Plucking Nose Hairs a Better Option?

It may be common knowledge that the best way to get rid of your nose hairs is to pluck them. However, common knowledge is often wrong. In fact, Dr. Leinhardt notes that any treatment that removes the hair follicle completely will leave you open to infections. This includes plucking.

Otolaryngologist Dr. Erich Voigt splits hairs and notes that you are most likely to pluck at the front hose hairs. These are the ones that do the work of blocking off larger particles. Particles and germs near the follicles can sneak inside when you pluck the front hairs. Dr. Voigt points out that the veins that carry blood from the nose meet up with blood leaving the brain. If the germs make it up to the brain, you are looking at meningitis or brain abscess.

As you can see, waxing, or even just plucking, your nose hairs is not a good idea. Instead, invest in a good trimmer, and your immune system will thank you. Additionally, if you find that your nose hairs are making your nose itch, you may wish to try chia oil to help nourish your nose hairs and make them softer. While your nose hairs may be in an unsightly spot, it is important to remember that the hair in your nose is just the same as it is everywhere else on your body!