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Moisturization is an essential part of my home beauty lineup – and undoubtedly yours, too. Getting it right can be a tricky balancing act, and what goes into the moisturizing product will be key. When it comes to having top quality stuff, you cannot beat Dead Sea products. Used for thousands of years to solve everything from simple blemishes through to psoriasis, having the best Dead Sea products is a no-brainer for any lover of skin care – and the magic of Dead Sea minerals isn’t limited to simple scrubs.

Why The Dead Sea Minerals Beauty Products?

Magical dead sea mineral deposits

Taking a look at the science behind the Dead Sea’s waters and sediment deposits gives a big hint as to why products derived from the region are so good for skin. The Times of Israel reckon that 35% of every litre of water from the lake is composed purely of minerals. In simple terms, that’s a huge sum of wonderful healing elements in every single scoop of Dead Sea product. What’s more, these minerals are of particular interest to any skincare enthusiast.

Perhaps most important among these minerals is Magnesium, which is also one of the most plentiful elements in Dead Sea water. Magnesium is great because it tackles inflammation, one of the primary causes of dreaded acne. Using magnesium products on skin will help to reduce and limit inflammation’s impact.

Following closely behind the magnesium is sulfur. While sulfur can dry the skin in large amounts, it can also have antibacterial qualities. In Dead Sea products sulfur is concentrated to just the right amount to destroy any bacteria resulting from acne.

In theory, the sulfur will help to stop any redness and inflammation while the magnesium improves the permeation of water into your skin.

Proven benefits of Dead Sea Minerals

It’s normal to wonder if there’s actual proof that Dead Sea salt products are better than competitors, and if they are worth their price point against other generic salt products. In short, the answer to this question is yes – there have been plenty of scientific studies that have shown just how effective Dead Sea products are.

The University of Kiel, in Germany, undertook one such study, and found that using Dead Sea products significantly improved skin hydration and reduced inflammation. What this shows is that the magnesium-laden waters and sediments used in Dead Sea products have a real, quantifiable solid foundation in providing skincare benefits.

Are Dead Sea Minerals Beauty Products Suitable for everyone?

Due to their salt base, there exists a misconception that Dead Sea products are drying. The science behind Dead Sea products dispels this myth. The high quantities of magnesium and other minerals which benefit the skin-water barrier means that Dead Sea products actually moisturize the skin – even scrubs and cleansers which are designed to peel away dirt and impurities. This also helps to combat aging. I’ve used Dead Sea products extensively and on a personal level have found this to be true – even during cleansing and toning, my skin feels nourished.

There are certain people that shouldn’t use Dead Sea products. Anyone with sensitive skin should consult with a dermatologist first, though Dead Sea scrubs are used for conditions including eczema and psoriasis. Those with a sulfur allergy should also be vigilant – just make sure you check the label to see the mineral concentrations before using it.

Ethical Consumerism

You may well want to ensure that your product has been ethically sourced, and that’s a good thing. There is some controversy over the sourcing of Dead Sea Products given the undeniable drying of the Dead Sea since the 1980s; if the region continues to dry, there will, sadly, be no further products to be purchased.

Good news – many of the big Dead Sea skincare brands are well aware of this factor. Sustainable production has been a selling point, both with regards to the salt extracted from the Dead Sea and with regards to complementary products (such as Argan oil) produced elsewhere in the world. Certification is available so you can be happy that your purchase is a sustainable one.

Finding Real Dead Sea Mineral Beauty Products

When you decide to go and purchase a Dead Sea product, make sure that your product is from the Levant region and, more specifically, the Jordan Rift Valley. Sadly, there are plenty of unscrupulous traders out there who would hawk standard salt products as being from the Dead Sea. Make sure your product is from Israel, Jordan, or the Palestinian West Bank to make sure you’re getting the real thing. Many of the bigger manufacturers, such as Ahava and Canaan, have regionally certified products.

Make sure you buy your product from a reputable trader. Dead Sea products have appeared in malls all over the world and while some are legitimate, many are scams. Some US based traders are even offering products made in Texas at super high prices. Scammers know that Dead Sea products are the real thing and are trying to make a quick buck – don’t fall foul.

There are a few tips and tricks that unscrupulous traders use to try and hide the fact that their products don’t originate from the Dead Sea itself.

This can include describing the products as ‘being used in the Dead Sea area spas’, ‘being extracted from Dead Sea salts’ or ‘processed at the Dead Sea’. Look for products that are very clear in outlining where they come from – if a product doesn’t explicitly state that it’s a product of Dead Sea deposits, then do not buy it! You’ll likely be buying into a scam.

Trying Out The Products

There’s no better way to find a good product than to simply try some out. With that in mind, we’ve tried out a few of the best Dead Sea products out there to unearth the best of them. Focusing on providing moisture to the full range of consumers, these products are handpicked for their decadent yet effective nature.

Canaan Dead Sea Cleanser Milk For Normal to Oily Skin

Canaan are one of the classic Dead Sea brands and their products will feature a couple of times here. You’ll have noticed that this is a cleanser, not a moisturizer, but the reason we’ve included it is that it can add moisture during the cleansing stage (which is often drying). Canaan’s cleanser is mild and soothes skin on application, which is great for irritated skin, and a fresh herby smell makes using it a treat. Patented CSE™ technology claims to use the minerals found in Dead Sea products to supercharge the product. The product falls down when it comes to its overall strength – it won’t cut through the effects of a heavy pollution or makeup day, and has no exfoliating action whether chemical or otherwise.

What We Like

  1. Pleasant and mild product feel
  2. Balances skin PH
  3. Great price point.

What Could Be Better

  • Not effective for thick makeup or grime
  • No exfoliating action

Ahava Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Facial Serum

Another Dead Sea heavyweight brand, Ahava produce some serious luxury products in their range. This X6 facial serum is so-called because it has 6 times the amount of Dead Sea minerals that you’d find in comparable products, promising that much-vaunted magnesium action. The product is an absolute treat. With three weeks of usage, wrinkles seem to vanish and skin is just that bit smoother – even glowing. It also has the unique benefit of being able to replace retinol, a compound which is super helpful for ageing skin but also makes you susceptible to sun damage. It’s also very suitable for sensitive skin and doesn’t cause flare-ups – the product is certified paraben free, allergen free and ophthalmologist tested to support this. On the flipside, the product is definitely oily and those with combination or oily skin may feel greasy. It also comes at a fairly heavy cost, though you only need a little daily.

What We Like

  1. Noticeable anti-aging effects
  2. Suitable for sensitive skin
  3. Scientifically and technically approved
  4. Only a little needed daily

What Could Be Better

  • Oily texture can be uncomfortable
  • High price point
  • Long-term use is required for results

CANAAN Minerals & Herbs Nourishing Facial Cream – Normal to Dry Skin 50ml

Another one from Canaan and this product may as well have been pure Dead Sea water in a bottle. An extremely liquid, non-greasy formulation, it sinks into the skin like water with absolute ease. The herbal concoction also gives it a fresh and pleasant aroma, without having to use any perfumes. Despite having a very quick absorption effect, it’s quite decadent to the touch, and a few small dots will readily cover your entire face. Quick in the morning, it can reliably be used as a primer, making it a great day cream. It isn’t quite as effective as a night cream, where something thicker and more mask-like would be useful, but is a great on-the-go product. As an aside, the product claims to be anti-ageing but prolonged use hasn’t shown any sort of result to back this up.

What We Like

  1. Non-greasy and quick application
  2. Pleasant and anti-inflammatory herbal action
  3. Small amount needed for coverage
  4. Works as a primer

What Could Be Better

  • Poor option for a night cream
  • Anti-aging effects are not pronounced

More Beauty Face Lifting and Firming Silk Serum

More Beauty have correctly called this a ‘silky’ product; like Canaan’s facial cream effort, it sinks into your skin. Act quickly, or your fingertips will take all of that nourishment. This product is bolstered with additional oils, such as carrot and avocado, which provide an extra mineral punch for your skin’s health. The presence of Vitamin E helps to control free radicals in the body, meaning you’re better protected in the sun. There is a noticeably oily impact on skin from using this, though it’s non-greasy, and there isn’t much impact to be had on the signs of ageing. However, skin does feel very supple from using this product, and with very little use, too. The serum gets your face ready for the day and feeling youthful.

What We Like

  1. Impressive range of oils and vitamins bolster skin
  2. Great for use in the sun or at night
  3. Skin very hydrated and bouncy on use

What Could Be Better

  • No noted anti-ageing effects
  • Can feel oily, which can discourage those with combination/oily skin
  • Quick absorption can mean waste

AHAVA Time To Hydrate Essential Day Moisturizer Combination Skin

Ahava’s Time to Hydrate is an all-in-one solution to skincare that can even be used as a body lotion. Mineral concentrations are particularly high in this cream, making a small amount suitable for providing much-needed nourishment to dry or tired skin. There is a distinct lightness of touch despite the thickness of the product, and skin doesn’t feel weighed down or sticky after using. The absence of any allergens or harmful chemicals like parabens make the product an all-rounder when it comes to skin. The downside is the size of the container – it’s quite expensive for a small amount, and while this is an excellent everyday product it doesn’t have a ‘wow’ factor. On a sidenote, some may be discouraged by its pungent smell and in some cases may trigger sensitive skin.

What We Like

  1. All-in-one solution that’s suitable for anyone
  2. Good texture despite thickness
  3. Free of any harmful products – great for sensitivity
  4. Doesn’t leave any greasy residue or stickiness.

What Could Be Better

  • Pungent, making it a bad option for some
  • Expensive for the quantity
  • No real ‘wow’ factor that justifies high cost

The Bottom Line

All of the reviewed products have amazing qualities and strengths that put them above most mainstream consumer items. The very presence of Dead Sea minerals gives skincare such an edge that it’s hard to pick them apart. However, we do have to make a choice – and on this occasion, it’s going to have to be the Ahava Dead Sea Crystal Osmoter X6 Facial Serum. There’s a couple of reasons behind this choice.

Firstly, the product itself is excellent. Instantly hydrating with long-term impacts on ageing skin, and without creating significant oil build-up, it really is suitable for people of all ages. Despite the price, it’ll last a long time – worth it.

Secondly, the company and the recipe stay true to Dead Sea ideals and indeed make their products on the bank of the lake. That Dead Sea mineral benefit is especially ramped up in the serum, hence the x6 denotation – there are 6 times the amount of minerals than in comparable products. When combined with the unique scented oils brought thoughtfully in from other countries, it really ticks all of the boxes when it comes to what the Dead Sea offers.