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DHC Skincare is a Japanese beauty brand known for disrupting the skin care market with their cult favorite cleansing oil derived from olive oil. DHC Skincare Deep Cleansing Oil is their flagship product, and the organic oil cleanser provides a one step deep cleansing solution for all skin types, removing dirt and impurities from the skin surface while nourishing with antioxidants and botanicals. A recent innovation, DHC Skincare released the highly-anticipated Super Collagen Mist, a hydrating facial mist that packs peptides and humectants into a fine spray to be used in place of or before facial cream or toner. The company also translates the nourishing olive oil used in the cleansing oil into a luxurious, hydrating DHC eye cream.

How DHC Skincare Products Work:

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

The DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is a product fit for anyone looking for a gentle but effective oil cleanser. Oil cleansers are a a fantastic option for you if you wear sunscreen or makeup daily, as they break up and dissolve these substances effectively and gently without the harshness of a facial scrub. This company’s cleansing oil is particularly well-suited for those with sensitive or reactive skin, as the organic olive oil base combines with vitamin E to nourish irritated skin and repair damaged skin barrier.

To use, apply a few pumps of the cleansing oil to a dry face and rub in gentle, circular motions to dissolve makeup, mascara, dirt, and sunscreen. As you massage, the oil will dissolve the grime on your face without irritating your eyes or skin. After a few moments, add a splash of warm water to your face and continue to massage. The oil will emulsify into a milky cleanser, which you can then rinse clean with tepid water. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry to reveal clean, healthy, soft skin.

DHC Super Collagen Mist

This face mist is a great choice for you if you are looking to add a boost of hydration to your skincare routine. This hydrating collagen face mist delivers and ultra-fine layer of nutrition to your skin. To use, spray a few inches away from your face. This can be used throughout the day, over and under makeup, as a toner, and as a setting spray.

Super Collagen Mist is an ultra-fine hydrating toner and mist for the face. The company differentiates this face mist from its competitors by integrating an innovative formulation of collagen-derived peptides that are more often seen in night creams or serums.

DHC Concentrated Eye Cream

This eye cream is suitable for all skin types, but is particularly desirable for those looking to combat signs of aging around the eye area. The ingredients are intended to fight fine lines and hydrate the skin around the eyes. To use, gently tap a small amount of the eye cream into the skin with your ring finger after cleansing and toning. Use every night.

What Makes DHC Skincare Unique?

The company star ingredient is their 100% organic olive oil, sourced from Spain and rich in antioxidants. The oil is derived from hand-picked olives, cold-pressed to preserve the highest possible quality nutrients, and carefully filtered at the brand’s state-of-the-art labs in Japan. The resulting oil is unrivaled by any other beauty brand and exclusive to the company: non-comedogenic, paraben-free, organic, and nutrient dense.

What We Like About DHC

  • The cleanser is organic and the ingredients are clean and natural
  • The facial cleanser can be used on all skin types
  • The product replaces makeup remover, making removal and cleansing one step
  • The pump dispenser is hygienic and easy to use, while minimizing product spill or waste
  • The ingredient list is short and easy to understand; you know you are getting a good quality cleanser without a lot of additional irritating ingredients or stabilizers

What Could Be Better

  • Rosemary oil, included in the ingredients, can be slightly irritating to those who are reactive to essential oils
  • The oil format can be a bit messy for some users
  • The cleanser can sometimes be too drying for those with extremely dry skin or compromised skin barrier
  • The collagen mist delivers an instant hydrating boost, but cannot be used alone for continuous moisture or in place of a cream or lotion

Pricing and What’s Included

DHC Skincare offers a wide variety of prestige-quality skincare products at accessible price points. The cornerstone product, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, is a solid value at $28 for 6.7 ounces. Comparably speaking, this is a great value ounce for ounce compared to other prestige cleansing oils. The huge pump bottle should last the average user several months.

The company’s new Super Collagen Face Mist is a steal compared to other prestige toners. At $20 for 1.6 ounces and packing powerhouse ingredients like peptides and humectants, this facial toner is more affordable than its competitors and delivers fantastic ingredients. The fine mist nozzle and clear packaging is attractive and upscale, adding to the value of the product.

The brand’s Concentrated Eye Cream is similarly a powerful product at an affordable price point. This eye cream is $35 for .7 ounces, making is on par with similar companies, price-wise. The nutritive ingredient, including horse chestnut and cucumber, are innovative and address dryness and fine lines on par with eye creams three times the cost.

This brand is accessible to most consumers, offering a price point that meets or beats competitors in the space, especially when considering other clean, organic brands. Shop their travel or bestseller sets to get additional value. The brand also offers mini sizes of many products so you can try their creams, cleansers, masks, and mists before you commit to a large purchase.

DHC Skincare Reviews

Overall, consumers trust this company to provide high quality skincare products and consistent results. Online reviewers often sing the praises of the brand’s cleansers, creams, and mists. As expected, the company’s Deep Cleansing Oil is the most frequently praised product, with Yelp reviewers claiming surprising and positive results from the cult favorite cleanser. As one put it: “I’m happy to have been your guinea pig: After using deep cleansing oil, your skin is perfectly cleansed, soft and not greasy at all. And over time, your skin actually re-balances so if you’re oily, you’ll stop overproducing oil to compensate for stripping your skin.”

On the negative side, some consumers had issues with the company’s customer service. Being a Japan-based brand, it should not be wholly surprising that some concerns can get lost in translation or time zone, but customers complained of poor customer service interaction at U.S. based call centers as well. One reviewer claimed “Last 2 customer service reps both sounded like they were having a bad day and were inconvenienced by my call to place an order! Yikes.”

Frequently Asked Questions about DHC

Here are some of the most common questions consumers ask about DHC Skincare products.

How Long Does This Product Take To Work?

When using DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, you should notice immediate efficacy at the first use. Your first time cleansing with this product should reveal clean, soft skin that is free of makeup, sunscreen, dirt, and debris. After continuous use, you can expect clearer skin and a softer appearance, thanks to the gentle and nourishing ingredients and effective removal of anything prone to clogging your pores.

The DHC Super Collagen Mist should provide immediate hydration upon first use. This temporary surge of moisture should be used throughout the day for lasting impact. Continuous use along with other hydrating products, like the company’s face creams and eye creams, can noticeably improve overall hydration of the skin.

The DHC Concentrated Eye Cream should be used continuously for noticeable impact. The formula is intended to be applied daily and consistently to target fine lines and dryness in the delicate eye area. As with most skin creams targeting fine lines a wrinkles, consistent use is the key to real results. Be sure to apply daily.

How Often Should I Use This Product?

As with most skincare products, the more consistent you use a product, the more likely you are to see lasting results. With any face or eye cream, use at least once daily to see lasting results. Cleansing oils should be used once a day, preferably at night, to remove the day’s makeup, sunscreen, and dirt. Facial mists can be used as often as desired throughout the day for a boost of hydration, cooling effect on warm days, or to set makeup. Some users keep the face mist handy in their office or workspace for a hydrating pick-me-up or to refresh dry or cakey makeup.

Is DHC Skincare Cruelty-Free?

The company is not currently cruelty-free. This means that the brand may test on animals, finance animal testing, or use ingredients that are tested on animals.

What Does DHC Stand For?

The company name actually stands for Daigaku Honyaku Center, a Japanese corporation that manufactures high quality cosmetic products. The acronym likely relates back to company’s roots, born in Japan in the 1970’s by a young Tokyo businessman.

Company History

The company was born in Japan in 1972 by an entrepreneurial young businessman named Yoshida. Originally, the company was not purely focused on consumer care products, but the brand became skincare focused after the founder’s personal interest in skin and ingredients blossomed in the early 80’s. In his travels, Yoshida met an olive farmer in Spain with a family that had been producing the highest quality oil for over 200 years. The inquisitive and innovative young businessman learned about the potent Spain-sourced olive oil that was to become DHC’s signature ingredient, and the skincare line was developed around the oil. Originally offering only three signature products, DHC grew its skincare line to countless creams, toners, masks, and mists. Recently, DHC USA put down roots in the San Francisco Bay Area, further emphasizing the brand’s focus on developing an innovative global beauty brand.

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